Question about ultra sounds?

mariendMay 15, 2006

As I don't usually post here (am Grandma and soon to be GGM), I would like your opinion.

My GD had a rough 3 months, nothing stayed down, under Dr's care, lost 20 pounds ( she was overweight), still smokes, (under GM's protests) and is going in for another ultra sound. Of course when I had kids, we did not even know about ultra sounds, but I am concerned. this will be either her 3rd or 4th. I asked why, and she said the Dr just wants to check her out. She is due in Sept. and does feel movement. Do I need to be concerned, or is this usual procedure. My DD, says not to worry. Any thoughs would be appreciated.

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I would worry more about the reason the Dr. feels the need for the ultrasound than the test itself...
my DIL had twins and had ultra sounds about every month....I know another who had a very high risk pregnance and had about 5 ultrasound tests...
Offer her a bribe to quit about your care for the baby for 2 weeks?
Linda C

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When I was pregnant with my first, my MIL was an ultrasanographer (not sure of the spelling on that one, anyhow, she did ultrasounds...) and I had probably 10 of them. Just because we wanted to see how the baby was doing. Of course, my daughter is absolutely fine. After reading more literature about pregnancy and birth, I probably wouldn't have had so many, just because they don't know exactly what risks ultrasound poses in the long run. I only had 3 (dr. ordered) ultrasounds with my second.

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