pregnancy ?

uspresidiotMay 19, 2006

I was supposed to get my period on monday the 15th, since i almost always get it exactly the same day each month. It still hasent come, 3 days ago i took test stick shows neg, but everyday my breasts hurt a little, taking afternoon naps, and have a lot of clear discgarge which never happends right before my period. me and husband have been trying recently, but only had one encounter all of last month due to me having a urinary tract infection. what should i do, when shoud i retest? i have one child so i know i can get pregnant. all this discharge is funny for me, i shouldnt be ovulating again? any help would be appreciated. its soo frustrating when u want to be pregnant and your period is a no show for other reasons.


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Try the pregnancy test again. I couldn't get a positive result within the alloted time on the two home tests I took with my third pregnancy. It took a few hours to get the result. I scheduled a doctor's visit instead of buying another round of tests.

I tested earlier with the third child than with the other two because I recognized the symptoms.

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Hold off a week or two (hard to do if you think you may be +) and test again. Maybe you and Hubby timed it just right. :-) Depending on what test you are using, you may have just tested a little too early. You are lucky to have such a consistent 'schedule' to go by.
I go 3+ months between periods usually, and I actually had a 'period' the week before I found out I was pregnant with my son (now 1 year old). We'll start trying for #2 in the fall (so I can get my gardening out of the way without morning sickness...LOL!) (I've gone through a 'few' test...thinking I was pregnant...Tested too early the one time and got a false negative.)

Good Luck!!

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