I need help with my painted kitchen table....

baileyandbellaJuly 27, 2011

I pained my kitchen table with black craft paint (not a smart choice, I know now). I coated it with 2 coats of Poly.

It looks awful. I can see little spots/dots from where I sprayed cleaner onto it.

Can I just sand it a bit and paint again or do I have to strip it?

Thank you

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Me again....

I did a search and it seems SW ProClassic Interior Acrylic Alkyd would be a good paint for the table.

Can I just sand the current paint, and then use this?


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Can anyone help my poor ole' table??

:) :) :)

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Since the SW ProClassic Interior Acrylic Alkyd appears to be a latex/oil hybrid (similar to my current fave Ace alkatex cabinet paint), you're probably alright just sanding down the sheen & painting. These hybrid products can be a little confusing, but my understanding is that they should be able to cover both oil or water-based products. However, your best bet is to ask at Sherwin Williams. Let them know *exactly* what products you used. They might recommend that you both sand and prime, though I doubt you need to completely strip it. In my limited experience with SW, their staff has been well-informed and helpful. I hope you let us know how it goes!

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I was doing more reading last night and ProClassic cannot be tinted black. I called today and they confirmed it.

They said All Surface Enamel would be my best bet.
Ideally......I really wish I could just strip it and stain it a dark brown, but I don't think that will work.

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