Is anyone here?

Brooklyn_GirlMay 14, 2002

Gosh it's lonely here.

Is anyone else around?

I wonder if the fee scared eveyone away?

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I am here. I have a 4-month old granddaughter and her mother and I wish there were others to talk to. I still think $15.00 a year isn't too much to spend on this forum.

Who else is here?

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The parenting forums got awfully quiet in the last two months, but from what I hear, that's normal. They tend to get quiet in the spring then pick back up.

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hi there,

i know, i just had my baby 7 weeks ago and was on the pg forum and everyone left after 1 feb, it kinda sucked cause i was 7 months pg and looked foward to going on it every day and was hoping to meet everyone on this side after the baby was born. i think some people went to a site called from the look of it.


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Hi Nadine,

Congratulations on your new Baby. Tell us about him? her?

How are you and Baby doing?

We can use some new news here!!

Hello to everyone else rattling around here.

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