When did you tell your boss?

phyllis_philodendronApril 25, 2003

I'm 9 weeks pg today and wondering when I should tell my coworkers and boss about the baby. We haven't told anyone yet except our parents, and I was going to tell everyone in my family during a ceremonious Mother's Day dinner - that would be almost 11 weeks and nearer the "safe point". I just had my first prenatal visit today and of course they really can't tell you much until the sonogram, which isn't til June. I just didn't want to be telling friends and coworkers before my own family knew, I guess.

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Just worry about scheduling the time off, and how far in advance you'd normally need to ask that off. I was too excited to keep it in so I told my boss at about 11 weeks. But my coworker didn't tell until he and his wife were 3 months along, simply because of worry about possibly losing the baby.

I got pregnant in early April. And I notified family in their Mother's Day cards (sent out Happy Mother's Day Grandma, and Great-aunt, and so on).

You're too early to worry about announcing at work, although if they are like my coworkers, they had already been wondering because the fatigue was really getting me down bad. So they knew something was up.

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The families were notified within the first 48 hours for my 1st two pregnancies. I announced my pregnancies at work at 6 weeks. The first time I did it because I was so excited. The second time my boss guessed and I had to admit it because I was feeling so nauseous that it was obvious. In my case, announcing early helped because I was expected to be in a few meetings. Morning meetings were really hard on me and it helped explain things if I had to walk out.

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Isn't THAT the truth? I was working on a project, where we had a daily 10 am checkpoint call. I had to sit thru everyone else's updates for an hour, then it would be my turn to talk about my part of the project. Geez by then, I was asleep half the time! LOL

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Well, I told my boss yesterday. He was really excited for us to the point where I thought he was going to jump out his chair. My husband had told a friend of his, who knows some people DH works with - and since this is a very small school community (everyone basically lives and works together - and knows everyone else's business) someone would eventually find out. Morning sickness is almost over for the most part, but I've had a two-day headache and lately can barely keep my eyes open at work. But thankfully my boss is pretty flexible and told me if I needed time off or whatever. I just hope he understands that ... um....I'm not coming back! LOL I can easily work from home or do freelance for them. But after I leave the office, that's it!

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