Need suggestions for Baby that won't sleep

enjoyingspringApril 16, 2009

My daughter has a 7 week old son, her first. She feeds him between breast milk and bottle, she doesn't produce enough milk of her own to just breast feed alone.

Since he was born he doesn't sleep for more than 2 hours, always hungry, he takes about 12 bottles a day with 4 oz per bottle. She and hubby are getting worn out, any suggestions, I am sure he is just going through a growth spell but was just wondering how long this lasts.


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Skip the bottles....breast feed every hour if necessary....her body will accomodate his needs in a few days, and then life will be sooooo much easier.

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Enjoyingspring, you could have been talking about my son. I would breastfeed him every 2 hours but he was very fussy and always seemed hungry in between. As he got older, it got worse - especially if I was the one holding him (perhaps he could smell the milk on me??). Although I am a firm advocate for breastfeeding, I just didn't think he was getting what he needed so I very wearily stopped breastfeeding and started formula. I continued to pump, just in case he had a bad reaction and I could go back to the breastfeeding, but he THRIVED on the formula. He no longer was fussy between feedings and he was so content. AND he finally slept. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't think my breast milk agreed with him...

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lonepiper i agree i too breastfed my two youngest for about three months none of them slept atall,id had enough so put them on formula,and saw a massive difference,my breastmilk wasnt satisfying them atall.breast is supposed to be best ,i didnt breastfeed my eldest.she is fine and always slept as a baby.I personally would never breastfeed again.

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Tracystoke, I was scared I was the only one! I have always felt so guilty. I just couldn't understand why I wasn't able to provide him the nourishment he needed but a can of powdered formula could!!! And the change in the baby was almost instant - the formula soothed him in a way my breast milk couldn't.

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do not worry,this is very normal,the baby is very yong and the body system is unstable,so just try your best to feed him,whatever breast milk or bottle,anout 3 hours one time,day after day,he will gets better,you will find it,I'm sure!
my daughter is one year old now,when she is very yong,she is like this.

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Does he suck well? If he downs the bottle fast, give him a couple more ounces and see how he does.

I breast fed my son until 4 months. When I put him on the bottle he was drinking 12 ounces at a feeding and went 5 to 6 hours between feedings.

My son had twin boys. They were breast fed and had suplimental bottles. One was like his father but the other one didn't have a good sucking reflex and it took him forwever to down 2 oz. and he was a poor sleeper. It may not change things to know this but at least your daughter won't be so tense and thinking she is at fault, because that can cut down on the amount of milk she produces too.

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Yep, every two hours,they nursed, three babies I did this for. They were all outside the box on the growth charts. This too will pass.

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best sleep is in the crib! However the only way we could get our daughter to sleep was to drive her in the car till she fell asleep! We use a sleepy Bee sound machine ( It makes ocean waves. We turn it on in the car then trnsision her to the crib with it stil turned on. The constant sound seems to help the transision

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