Cherry cabinet look with Cabinet Coat paint over oak?

wjpwaltJuly 31, 2009

I am planning to paint my 20 year old well built oak kitchen cabinets. I have read all the how to do advice and feel confident in everything but one: the color choice.

I know White can be made to work and will look good after I do the new counter, floors and wall paint. But what I really want is the look of a cherry cabinet. With Cabinet Coat do folks beleive I can get the look of cherry with this wood and paint? I accept oak is not cherry but the dark color in my very bright kitchen would look great. I just can't predict if it will look too fake or not. Wold love to hear opinions and even better from anyne who has done it. thanks....

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How do you figure that Cabinet Coat paint _should_ look like wood? Maybe you're thinking of a faux bois (wood-graining) effect, but that's not done with a ordinary enamel paint. It is a rather more involved three or four-step process.

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Cabinet Coat only comes in white and pastels.

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Try the MinWax "polyshades". They are a combination of tinted varnish and wood stain, meant for exactly what you are trying to do.

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Cherry is a smooth grained wood, oak is not. Painted oak looks like...painted oak. There is a product you can use to fill in the graining, but the name escapes me (a good paint store would know what it is). That will get you a smooth cherry/maple like finish, but it will be painted, not stained. As someone else wrote, Cabinet Coat comes in near-whites only. You could find a paint color like a merlot that is similar in shade to a dark stained cherry, if that is the look you are going for.

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I too wanted to do a cherry finish by just painting. I saw it done on one of the "do it yourself" shows although I can't remember witch one. I've searched the internet and this is the closest I've come to what I saw on the show. It was done on bathroom cabinets but it should work for kitchen cabinets. The web site isâÂÂ2682485/how_to_create... Good Luck!!!

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I was going to paint my cabinets too, but then I came across this thread:
Scroll down to the post from Celticmoon. I used General Finshes gel stain in java, but they also have a cherry gel stain:
I followed celticmoon's directions - they are very good. This will only work if you are going from a lighter stain to a darker stain (I am assuming your cabinets are currently stained)

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Oops, sorry didn't realize this was such an old thread...

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Thanks for posting the link, raspycat. It is good information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Celticmoon's instructions for cabinet staining

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