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djmichealsApril 3, 2004

I am in need of some assistance. My brother's S.O. is expecting twins in Sept and they have asked me to host the shower. She has a son from a prior relationship and they have a daughter that just had her 1st birthday. I have never hosted a shower before and this is only the 2nd I will have attended (their daughter's being the first one)

My questions are numerous. I know that I want to have it in the afternoon, but from there I am clueless. They seem to have about everything from Trevr's and Kalli's showers. Also, they live 3 hrs from me but are close to her family so our family will be traveling from distances of at least 3 hrs (me) to 7 hrs (our parents). What would anyone suggest?

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If they already have essential items like clothes and beds, you could have either have a diaper shower or a food shower. For the food shower, everyone brings a casserole dish to be frozen until after the baby, gives a coupon to be redeemed for a home cooked meal, or a gift certificate for take-out food.

You might also check to see if there are baby items that need to be replaced. For instance, the baby swing may not work anymore or the couple may need new car seats or at least a second one for the two babies.

Another idea I saw on tv was for people to bring their good hand-me-downs. It was sort of a recycle party where people pass on baby clothes or the bouncy chair to someone who needs it. The couple in this particular tv episode had given away all of their baby stuff because they hadn't planned on another child.

Since it sounds like family members are attending, I'm assuming you'll have guys and gals there. You have several possibilities - I think a cookout would be a fun idea, but a pot-luck with other family members might be more economical for you. Another idea would be to have some sort of cake and dessert party or high tea. Since this is for family members, I don't think it'd be wrong to ask other close family members (yours or the other side) to bring a dish. Definitly, ask other family members in the more immediate area for help.

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My first thougth was...if they have a child together, why does she need another shower? Usually a shower is given for the first baby, or if there is quite an age difference between babies.

Other than that I have no suggestions.


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I just want to say, when people want to GIVE a shower, or to give presents, it's perfectly OK for the guests of honor to participate.

In some families, it's just a nice way to welcome the second or third kid! You'll have to gauge your own family's reaction to yet another baby shower. There are people who'll feel they way Vickey_MN does--that another shower seems greedy, or presumptuous; that they've already given a gift, enough already.

Other families will response generously. Or they'll respond in a more lighthearted, less expensive way.

And also note, this is TWINS! There are families who would be so cognizant of the increased need that having TWO babies at once brings, that they'd leap and the chance to provide extra baby clothes, extra strollers/car-seat combos, etc.

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