Autism and pesticides on cotton clothing

floreyMarch 26, 2008

Autism levels, among children whose mothers who lived close to fields that were sprayed with organochlorine based pesticides, were up to 6 times more likely, than those who lived 1,700+ meters away.

These poisens, dicofol, and endosulfan, are supposed to be being cut back on, in american fields, but have been grandfathered in, because they are highly effective. Their use abroad is unknown, but probably much higher.

Cotton is the top crop for these chems. They are also commonly used on broccoli, beans, other vegs., fruits, and nuts.

Even though these are preliminary findings, they may be helpful in choosing infant wear, and bedding, for kids otherwise at risk.

Study abstract on Pubmed:

Here is a link that might be useful: Autism and pesticides used on cotton -news

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The findings show that people living close to fields being sprayed with those chemicals MAY be at a higher risk for giving birth to children with autism. BUT it does NOT indicate in any way that wearing fabric made from cotton raise the incidence of autism.
read the article again.
Linda C

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I've never yet seen a clothing tag that indicated which fields the cotton was grown in. And polyester clothes? Problems of their own, no doubt...

Sadly, no child is free from the risk of autism. And scaring the parents doesn't help.

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