just asking for help what's the possibility pregnant or no

sammylee216March 20, 2013

Okay i stopped taking birth control back in December i finished out my pack by December 12 my period started and the 18 it endedeverything was fine now here is were it gets tricky January 11 i started my period it was super heavy. And i had slot of mucas clots i ended my period on the 16 a whole 6 days later that normal from what i hear for people who end birth control February 11 i started what i thought was a period but in not sure February 11 it was super light like a brown but barely there February 12 it got a little heavey February 13 that night it ended my "period" was only three days Well then February 22 i was riding in the car and got nauseous out of no where lasted probably 15 to 20min i felt like i was gonna like but didn't then February 24 i went to bed and when i layed down i got nauseous and that lasted about the same amount and then February 26 -28 i got nauseous after i ate i have had this raging headaches for like 3 weeks and on February 28 i had some brown spotting .. March 1st and 3rd i had spotted after sex and now it is currently march 20 my period was due the 14 and i tested on the 16th bfn I'm now 8 days late and overtime i think its there still nothing Monday March 18 four days after my period was suppose to start i woke up with a stuffy watery nose and yesterday i slept the day away also Monday i just did not want to get out of bed i kept dosing off with out realizing it i no this is not the forum this is supposed to be in bit they got rid off the one i need please be nice and give me your input

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1. Go see a doctor. Whether pregnant or not, you need prefessional test and advice.

2. Start to use periods and other grammar when you write.

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