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lilypad22March 21, 2002

Have been thru two different kinds. What do you use and/or what do you do about the odor? Please HELP! thanks, the grandma.

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I used the Diaper Genie. It did take a little getting used to, (especially when DD was newborn and we were suffering from sleep deprivation) :-) but once we got the hang of it, it was great!!!!

Never a smell of peepee or poop in all the time we used it.

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We use the Diaper Champ. We bought it at Toys R Us. You can use regular garbage bags, and it only requires one hand to use, so you can hold baby at the same time. It does not stink at all. It is awesome!!

I am including a link from babycenter.com where you can also buy it. It has a picture and tells you a bit more about it.

One suggestion if you do buy it. Instead of having the top opening of the bag go through the hole in the blue opening, we just open ours all the way to line the outside edges like you would with a regular trash bag. This allows you to get more diapers in each trash bag and causes no problems with the pail not working properly. (This will make sense if you end up buying one.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Diaper Champ

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We tried the Diaper Genie 3 years ago when DS was a baby. Maybe it's different in the winter but he was born in April and we had a hot summer that year and I believe it was pretty warm~T-shirt~weather right when he was born. Anyway, the Diaper Genie did not work for us. It did stink and it stunk really bad when you opened the lid to drop the next one in (enought to gag me and I have a strong stomach) I remember watching Rosie O'Donnel one day and she was talking about it, also. She said that one pooped baby diaper can stink enough but imagine putting a whole bunch of them in a container and then taking them out once they rot! That's how I saw it, too. DS is working on his potty training now and ever since he was a baby we've thrown his peed diapers in the garbage but take his pooped ones and put them in a plastic grocery bag and then take them outside to the big garbage cans. If not, the house soon will smell like that diaper as it sits in the garbage can and I didn't enjoy that. It's worked for us and I believe that poor diaper Genie is still with us and I may try it again but then again, I don't knowb. . .I see so many rave reviews on it but I just didn't like it. You'll find something that works for you, I'm sure. There are lots of options out there that weren't there until a few years ago or so.


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The diaper genie type system usually works well. It probably depends a bit on local climate. To get it working as well as it will the idea is to twist off the sections securely and to twist in the diaper securely and then twist off that section securely. It should look sort of like oversized sausage links as a generalized pattern. (It seems like a big potential problem might be if there are lefties and righties doing the diaper changing and twisting in different directions inadvertently.) This one requires organization in terms of being able to get the special bag thingies and have them at the ready when refills are needed.

The experienced odor is generally produced when dirty diaper contents are exposed to the room air and to people who can experience smell. A good seal is essential if there is going to be a diaper pail system of disposal. As with other odors which kind of are part of the human condition, fans and venting to the outside can help sometimes. I don't know if air purifiers help with odours but they might. Wash or wipe down the surface of the container with some bleach-containing cleanser every so often and that should help a little. If possible it might help to have the pail and changing occur in a bathroom rather than in a room where the baby or others sleep.

That diaper champ thing apparently just uses regular plastic bags or re-uses ones you just might have around the house. It seems to really concentrate on the sealing part. I think there is no way to actually eliminate the odor completely so it might help to think in terms of minimizing problems. Store the pail when not in active use, somplace drafty or where there are venting fans.

I like the genie, the champ seems very user-friendly and can use any bags... I don't think complete odor elimination is possible simply because infants are human beings with human bodies and all.

P.S. One potential problem with the any bag system is that a lot of times there can be little holes in plastic bags (there probably can be in the diaper genie things too). It doesn't take much to, over time and with an increased number of diapers, end up causing increased odor problems.

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About 2 1/2 years ago, they experimented with a different plastic on their refills. And boy it did stink. Maybe you got some of the bad-plastic-refills. Anyway, when I called the company, they had been having SO many complaints that they went back to the old plastic. And the last time I bought some, there were none of the bad-plastic-refills in the store (you could tell - the good ones are white, and the bad ones are a little more on the clear side).

That spell of bad refills was the only bad experience I had. Other than that, as long as I used the good ones, (which is not a problem now) there was no odor.

(they were nice enough to send me coupons for some free ones, and they had notified the stores so I was able to take the bad ones I had bought back for an exchange). The customer service was very good.

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Maybe it was the plastic . . .I don't know. We tried everything~even trying to empty it more often and still it did not work so great. I think that next time I will continue to take the pooped diapers outside to the other can and skip the Genie. I just don't think letting diapers lay around in the house for long periods of time is a great idea anyway. I remember emptying the Diaper Genie and feeling like such a dirty person because I had that many dirty diapers in my house and I'm not a neat freak by any definition. My house is picked up but not spotless. I guess it depends on the person and what works for them. I just don't recommend the Diaper Genie to people when they ask about solutions because of our experiences.


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We simply emptied it when it got full - didn't worry about how long it sat there because it never got smelly (except with the bad refills).

My daycare at the time used them, also, and got hold of a bad batch, and went from no smell to **HELLO --- DIRTY DIAPERS** overnight LOL

But I got them fixed, too, and no prob since.

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If anyone is using cloth diapers, a regular 5 gallon bucket with a lid should work well. For odors, just lay a clean prefold over the dirty ones and sprinkle in some baking soda with a couple drops of peppermint essential oil added to it. I hear it works wonders!

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