Question about SIDS?

TerrieSueMarch 23, 2002

I have a friend that lost her baby to SIDS at the age of 2 1/2 months. She would like to find a support group (message boards or chat room) where she can find out more information about it and share her thoughts. She would like to have another child but is scared she will loose another one to SIDS. Can you give me any message boards or forums she could participate in? Thanks

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There is a really well-organized site based in Arizona. They have lots of links and information, and offer support info too.

the links that cover support information are at

the general site is at

There are all kinds of different issues related to the issues of SIDS. Some problems are genetic and identifiable afterward (now or in the future) and some are genetic and not identifiable. Some are inexplicable. Aside from issues of 'cause' there are grief issues and fear for future children. Anyway some related things that can arise are depression or anxiety to the point of a disorder and then it is usually wise to consult with their physician if that kind of thing is noticed. (Sometimes support and self-help measures are not enough or are not effective in easing people.)

there are other sites but that one was very well organized and connected

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Lots of grief boards on their site as well.

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