Disciplining a 10 month old

motherlisaMarch 24, 2009

My son is almost 10 months old and used to getting A LOT of attention from me. He plays on his own just fine at times, but at other times he whines for my attention. He is able to follow me around the house and clings to my leg whinning. I am unable to accomplish any household chores so I put him in his playpen and just listen to him cry while I do dishes or cook dinner. I am hoping this will teach him to play on his own when I have things that have to be done. Is there a better way to deal with this problem? Am I being too harsh? Will this actually teach him what I want it to teach him?

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You're right to put him away when you're cooking dinner, it is just not safe. Something I tried was bringing the high chair into the kitchen where I was cooking and provide something to play with, eat, drink, whatever. It let her be involved with me, while restraining her enough for her own safety. Sometimes she did just fuss, too :) I always thought those mesh bags where you could put in some food and let them just gnaw on it would be good, but I never did get one. That may slow down how quickly he eats something you give him, and may soothe some possible teething. I did find out quickly how much I hated my highchair, it didn't roll and I was bringing it in and out of the kitchen with a baby on my hip 2 to 3 times a day!! Good luck!! Christy

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This is the mesh thing I'm talking about :) It's called a baby safe feeder, I don't know if there are other brands.

Here is a link that might be useful: Babies R Us

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What's more important? That you get "housework" done or that your baby be happy?
Figure out a way to keep him happy even if things get left undone.
Linda C

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I had the same situation with my son. Everytime I wanted to do household chores I'd put him in the playpen with some toys and he would constantly cry, even though he was never out of my sight. I felt so defeated because while I didn't want him to cry, he needed to learn that he can be happy while playing on his own. I wanted to him to trust himself. Then, one day I got a phone call and placed him in the playpen, thinking it would be just for a few minutes. As usual he stayed within my sight. As I talked on the phone he cried and cried. But after a while, he stopped, sat down and started to notice the toy next to him. When the phone call finished I couldn't believe my eyes or ears for that matter, as he was playing quietly with his toy. It was a wonderful growth step for both of us.

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happysafebaby: Thank You for the reply. It's nice to know someone understands and encouraging that there may be an end in sight. I am a little offended by one of the earlier responses asking what is more important, my son being happy or getting "housework" done. Of course my son is absolutely the most important part of my life. However, I am not talking about locking him in the closet to scrub the baseboards with a toothbrush, I'm talking about doing little things like making dinner for the rest of the family. And you're absolutely right, they need to learn to play on their own. It's been hard to listen to him be unhappy, but I think I'll stick to this method for now and see how things turn out. Sounds like it worked for you! Thanks again for the response.

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Hi,ive got a ten month old too and am goin through exactly the same thing,its a nightmare.I too was shocked at what linda said,she obviously hasnt experienced what we are going through,so she expects us to sit playin with the child all day and night ,just to keep the child happy,I dont think so,so that child ends up controlling us totally,I cant even go to the toilet without holding my son,i do everything with one arm because im holding him in the other,I think you do great by putting him in his playpen and letting him cry,I really wished id bought one now,It is hard when they are crying and screaming,i always give in,luckily they do grow out of it, my now almost three year old was the same ,good luck

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