Painting Furniture - what is your favourite white?

stephfJuly 27, 2012

I love finding old beat up pieces of furniture for really cheap and breathing new life into it by painting it white, but I've always wondered, what it the "best" kind of white for a project like this? I tend to go for a more cottage feel in my decorating. Any suggestions?

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We just painted a large bookcase using Benjamin Moore's Advance Satin White Dove. We loved the color so much, we decided to use it on our new home's baseboard, ceilings and doors. I found the Advance frustrating to work with while applying the first coat, but the second coat was easier and I'm pleased with the results.

We came to White Dove after painting a bureau with Benjamin Moore's Satin Snowfall White, which was way too bright. I've seen pictures of bright white furniture that look terrific, but it didn't work for me and I find softer whites more pleasing to the eye.

We're also in the middle of painting another bookcase Ancient Ivory. Of the three colors, I prefer Ancient Ivory since it's a creamy white that isn't too yellow in my current space. (There's a strong possibility all three whites will look ridiculous in our new apartment once we move, but we can always repaint them.)

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Thanks for the response! I also love White Dove, in fact, we've just had all of our trim, doors, and moulding painted this colour, but I was afraid that if I started painting furniture this colour, it would look too matchy-matchy. But then again, I'm not sure anyone would really notice. Thoughts?

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I hope someone with more experience can weigh in. We painted our bookcase White Dove when we thought we were going to paint our baseboards, ceilings and doors Super White. We haven't moved into our place yet, so I don't know how the White Dove furniture will pair with the White Dove trim. I'm hoping they just end up looking like built-ins, especially since we're leaning toward a semi-dark color for the walls. I read somewhere that it's a good idea to go to a local wood place and ask for a discarded plank of wood to play with. You can get some samples and paint them different whites.

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