shower invites for out-of-towners?

row1March 27, 2006

Hello- i want some feedback to help me in a brewing family controversy.

Should out-of-towners who will not be attending a baby shower be sent invitations?

Otherwise, what is their circumstance for sending a gift: birth announcement?

If the out-of-towners want an invitation so that they can send a gift at that time, is this ok, or normal, or expected?

thanks in advance.

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If you know for sure they wilkl not be attending.....don't send an invitation. Some people, those who are very close to the new babies parents may feel left out and want an invitation and to send a shower gift as well as a new baby gift...but you should know who those people are...
Their circumstances for sending a gift are they love the parents and the new child....perhaps a birth announcement informs them of the happy occasion....or perhaps they couldn't care less and choose not to send a gift.
I wouldn't send a shower invitation to those who you know will not attend.

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Yes, send the out-of-towners invitations, especially if they are family or very close friends of the mom-to-be. My husband and I were the ones who lived out of town, and I always felt excluded from bridal and baby showers. There was a bridal shower for my sister-in-law that I wasn't invited to, and when I questioned my mother-in-law about it, she said that they didn't want me to think that I had to send a gift!! Well, what on earth does one expect of the people in town? A GIFT!!!!!

I wouldn't send one to mere acquaintences, but to family and good friends, absolutely. It is hard enough to be away when fun family things are happening.

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And I did send invitations to out-of-towners (family and close friends).
It lets them know you are thinking of them, too, even if they aren't close by - they still want to help you welcome your little one!

Oh, and everyone got birth announcements, too - but those didn't go out for a few weeks, and if you are hoping for things to help setup your nursery, the baby shower announcements make more sense!

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