Pregnancy and breastfeeding

dmg0318March 26, 2007

Hi mommies! I am currently nursing my 12 month old son. He still feeds 5 time a day. I have not gotten a period since his birth. I had unprotected sex on 3/13 and didn't really think much of it until a few days later. I started to feel crmapy and bloaty and told my husband I was either getting my period or pregnant. 9 days later on 3/22 I experience light spotting. I've had implantation bleeding with my past pregnancy and it seemed to follow the same pattern. I have been feeling tired and sick, I took a pregnancy test yesterday 3/25 and it was negative. I realize that it could still be too soon for a pregnancy to show up if I "implanted" on the 22nd. Anyway, myt question is has anyone gotten pregnant without having a period and/or has anyone experienced a first period that was extreamly light spotting as a first period while nursing.

Thanks for your input!

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I got pregnant with my third child when I was still nursing my 10 mo second child. I had periods before that and I didn't spot when pregnant or as a first period. I suspected I was pregnant right away because of how I felt. I had that sort of twitchy PMS feel for a couple of days and my period wasn't showing up. I kept running out of breath and energy when I was trying to run around and play with my two boys. I took two pregnancy tests on two different days and they didn't turn positive until three hours later. Technically, that is a negative test, but I figured that the line wouldn't show up if the pregnancy hormone wasn't present. I did get a positive test at the doctor's office a week later.

Maybe someone who had an experience more like you are asking can post. Congratulations! if you are pregnant. My three kids are close together in age. It's a busy life, but fun.

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Yes, you can get pregnant without first having a period when nursing, even when nursing 100% (not giving any other food to the baby.) You can also have spotting, as you know, or heavier and what looks like a period after getting pregnant.

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