A little off topic- Help name our baby - Vote Now!

yiannabMarch 2, 2008

My husband and I have about 2 months left until our second son is born and we still haven't come up with a name.

I'm Greek and my husband isn't so we are trying to come up with something that is Greek but we can call him something in English that doesn't sound too funny with a non-Greek last name.

For example my first son is Andrew but in Greek his name is Andreas. He was baptized Greek Orthodox as Andreas Nicholaos, but his birth certificate says Andrew Nicholas.

So far we have thought about: (common name first, Greek name of derivation and baptismal name second)

Aris Paul - Aristoteles (Aristotle), Aristis, Ariston, or a few other names that Aris can come from;

Athan Paul- Athanasios Pavlos (husband is only so-so on this one):

And finally, the other day we thought of:

Aidan Paul - Adonis Pavlos

Paul (Pavlos in Greek) will definitely be his middle name (it is my father-in-law's first name)

Please chime in - we're keeping tally of all the votes.

Thanks for your help! We'll let you know the results if you're interested.

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I like Athan Paul Pavlos. It is unique, to me anyway. Aidan is very popular, Sex and the City made that happen. It is a really pretty name but very trendy because of that show. Athan might confuse some folks and make them hear Nathan, but that shouldn't be too bad. Aris could be confused for Paris, too. Have fun choosing, we finally decided about 3 weeks before my lady was born! We had to have two, we didn't know the sex, Sylvia and James :) Christy (mama of Sylvia :)

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How about Alexander Paul? Or Androcles Paul...and call him Andy.
Frankly I am so sick of the Aiden, Hayden, Kaiden names I would stay away from that.
Of the names you have mentioned, I like Aristotel best. I knew an Aristotle who people called Sotitis..I like that.
Linda C

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Maybe I'm too late, but have you thought of Nicodemus and calling him Nico? That's what my neighbor's named their son and I really like it. Nico is easy to remember, say and spell. It's also not too trendy.

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