I'm new here... need some suggestions

skylarmomMarch 22, 2002

Hello. Let me introduce myself... my name is Jenn and my beautiful little girl Skylar is 2 1/2 weeks old. I have a full time job waiting for me in a few weeks that I hate and don't want to go back to as well as I have no day care for my little girl. I am looking for something that I can do from home. Does anyone out there have a suggestion on what I could do. I have expeirence in retail, some medical, and the internet. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!

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Do you have to have a job? Like could you cut back and make sacrifices if you can't find something soon? So many of the work at home offers out there are scams~actually I saw a report on 20/20 or Dateline once that they haven't found one that wasn't. So don't fall for those get rich quick schemes while working from your home.

There is always day care. Do you know maybe just one person who needs a sitter and doesn't like the prices of day care, can't get in because the list is so long or just once more one-on-one time with they're child? It will be hard since you already have a newborn to take care of. This is the hardest most trying time because your life changes so much with a newborn. But baby sitting is one of the easier jobs that you can do from home.

Also what kind of job do you have now? Is it one that could be done at home? Many offices are making changes for they're employees that include working from the home office.

I'm a SAHM of an almost 3 year old and yes it's been hard to live on one income but I wouldn't change anything. It's been a wonderful 3 years. Yeah, some days are trying but others are so great you forget the bad ones! LOL
Good luck.


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If you have some medical background and can type well, some areas have medical transcription service that allow the typest to work from home. Since you have a computer, this might be ideal for you. The BIG hitch is that you have to be able to spell those fancy medical terms. So a medical dictionary is a must.

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Do you have access to employment counselor services? Something like that might be able to help you get an idea of what kinds of professions might fit your framework of needs.
There are many things you could theoretically do from home. Anything that would be computer-based and which doesn't require your physical presence in any particular place seems like it would fit. Telephone-based too maybe would fit. Depending on what your current job-details are you might be able to do it from home. Talking to your current human relations department people might be a good idea (if you work someplace what has a HR department).

If you haven't considered it, it might be worth considering part time or flex time arrangements where you are.

The big immediate thing it sounds like is the lack of daycare for your baby and the fact of being in the post partum period. If you can't find acceptable care, try asking at your present place of employment what options exist. (They might shock you by enabling your job to be adapted in order to accomodate your needs.)

Because you are in the post partum period physically, you need to consider some issues. The idea is to consider for yourself whether large changes were a good idea before, will still be a good idea in a year or two (as best you can imagine a year or so into the future), and whether they are in your family's best interests and in line with your goals and plans for the future. Give that a lot of consideration. It's not unusual for a woman's post partum changes to cause changes in the way she thinks of and perceives things. This is usually a positive kind of mothering thing that goes nicely with having to care for a newborn. Sometimes though in the whole first year that effect can be more extreme from time to time and cause a woman to want to make sweepingly huge changes which may not be in line with her longer term goals. (This kind of effect is usually transient and just giving extra thought and consideration to the changes that seem (at the time) to be needed can help her to know which changes will be best.) Writing or thinking, or recording, or things like that are useful tools to sort things out.

and, as usual if you feel depressed or anxious or overwhelmed (either up or down) in a way that impacts your ability to function in general in a negative way talk to your doctor

P.S. It seems like any kind of billing, or writing-based tasks could be done from home (and some of those kinds of things may be required in the kinds of areas where you do have experience). Make sure you know or can easily meet the people you work for; that's a good way to at least avoid some scams. An additional thing is to check the better business bureau or make sure the people or places you work for have good reputations that they have an interest in maintaining and improving.

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I agree with all of you!!! I am now looking into the community college here that is offering a course on medical transcription. The only thing that I am worried about with this is how long the course is and if at the end of it there are jobs to be had. And, what do I do in the mean time. I have until April 16th to find something else or I will have to go back to work full time at an office that I can't stand to work at anymore.

Can't you tell I am stressed out? I need a vacation! Hey, wait... I am on vacation.... funny how thoughts of my future have clouded over that very imoportant point....

Anyway, thanks again and I will let you know if anything pops up.
Jenn :0)

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