How do I use a Diaper Genie?

azianvixenMarch 17, 2006

Hi all. I have a really dumb question! How on earth do you USE a diaper genie. It's all set up and I've been stuffing the diapers all the way to the bottom of the container but then what? What is the turning thing on top? I think its full at the bottom...what do I do now? LOL

ANY help would be appreciated! :)


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Poke the diaper just into the top. close and give a twist so the plastic bag seals each little "package" and prevents odors. Each time you insert a diaper the previous one moves farther down into the canister.
When you have run out of plastic "sausage casing" and the storage container is full, remove the top and take that "sausage" full of links that really are dirty diapers with a twist between ecah one and put it into the trash. Put in a new plastic sleeve according to the directions and put in the next poopey diaper!
Linda C....grandma of 7!

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For future moms, the Diaper Genie is WONDERFUL! I used it as did my infant care place, and you never smelled urine/poop odor.

However, the trick is: DO NOT wait until baby comes to figure it out! LOL We tried, and were so sleep deprived DH and I drove each other bananas til we got the hang of it! LOL

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And for future makes a wonderful gift!
Linda C

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Linda, of course!!! :-) and babysitters, and daycares, too. They really eliminate odor.

I only meant future moms from the perspective of being sleep deprived and trying to figure the darn @%$@$ thing out :-)

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I didn't like the diaper Genie. I got rid of mine. I thought that Zip Lock bags worked just as good and were more convenient. We had a house with lots of stairs and I never used a changing table, maybe that's why I didn't like the Genie. I changed the diaper in whatever room I happened to be in, so I kept diapers and zip locks in several rooms (master bedroom, kids room, family room, bathrooms, basement). All of those were on different levels (our house was 4 levels), so that would have been way too much stair climbing for me. I used recycled ziplocks from the kitchen for the stinky diapers, too. I kept a box of zip locks in the car also for those stinky diapers when traveling. I always used the freezer ziplocks.

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I also don't like the diaper genie. For the first few months it seemed ok, but when she started eating solids it didn't do much to mask the odor even with using the thicker bags. Since you already bought try it some people swear by it, but as insurance start saving your plastic shopping bags. For us wrapping up the dirty diapers in them before disposing works much better.

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Since our baby is small (only 4 months) we wait to put two only-wet diapers in (after we fold 'em up very small) so we don't waste so much of the liner stuff. At $5.99 a container it can get expensive! But we find that we only change the liners about every 3 weeks or so. We empty the container twice a week (trash days!). Sometimes the scissors button doesn't work, and then it's a pain to have to open it up and manually cut it while reaching inside, but that happens infrequently.

We LOVE the Diaper Genie!

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I also did not like the diaper genie. It stunk!! I was just one more thing to take care of as well. For buying things as gifts or for myself, that I'm not sure about, I go to consumer reports and Epinions. There are 397 reviews at Epinions, right now. My diaper genie was one of the first things to hit the curb after I had my kid :) Christy

Here is a link that might be useful: Epinions

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I used the Diaper Genie for my first child, and the Diaper Champ for my second. I very much preferred the Diaper Champ. It uses regular trash bags so you save big time and it seemed to hold the smell better. Plus, the bag changing seemed easier.

Here is a link that might be useful: Baby Trend Diaper Champ

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