Tubal ligations are not one hundred percent effective....

girlsingardensMarch 15, 2008

Well we found out last week that despite having my tubes tied after having Hayden 7 months ago during my c-section we are expecting another baby in November. They will be about 15 months apart, definatley not in my plan but obviously in someone elses plan. I also have a 4 and 2 year old little girls. Things are definately going to be crazy around my house for a while. The doctor said that this was the 2nd time in 10 years that someone with a tubal ligation has gotten pregnant.


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Hi Stacie - Congratulations! From your posts on other forums I'm seeing that you're happy about this now and are embracing this miracle child as a gift. Wonderful! Please know that this question is genuine and asked with hope that things will be different this time than after Hayden was born. Have things with your husband worked out so that you expect more assistance & support than before?

Not asking for details; none of my business. But you had posted about some post-partem depression and lack of understanding from your husband and I hope for your sake, his, and the kids' that you'll have what you need emotionally and physically this time around.

Blessings to the whole family - including the miracle child!


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Things are going better. I had to switch antidepressants since we are expecting again but I have been trying to keep on top of things around the house more. It is easier to clean as I go rather than let everything build up and then have to dig out. It also helps that it is getting to be spring time and we all can spend more time outside now and being outside always raises my spirits.


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Wonderful. Congratulations! And don't forget to expect some understanding and help from you husband. He should be chipping in and helping you through the postpartem stuff, and understanding that you cannot control it but are doing what you can to help it. He made these wonderful babies, too, and I'm hoping that he's become more sensitive toward you. My very, very best and sincere congratulations and wishes, adding this new little one to your already beautiful family!


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Stacie, How wonderful for you to be expecting again, and to have a forum here for this topic.

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