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mvastianMarch 9, 2006

When is a good time to start using a sippy cup?

DD is now almost 6mo and we have slowly started solids and water.

When period returns while still nursing, is it regular right from the start, or are the first few cycles irregular?

I had 1 period exctly 5 months after giving birth and then our protection failed on day #19 and now every day that passes after day #28 I worry that baby #2 is already on the way...

Thank you very much for any responses.


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I think you can add a sippy cup at any time, you're comfortable. You'll probably have to hold it for a while.

I hope this isn't TMI. As far as getting periods back while nursing, you'll have several people tell you they didn't and think you're some sort of medical miracle if you do. I had periods with all three kids with nursing. I had to put my first two babies in daycare at six weeks and I got my periods back about four weeks after that and they were regular. With my last child, I still had a period a few months after she was born, but then had irregular periods (one every 3 or 4 months) up until I stopped nursing, but I still had them. DD did not get supplements or bottled breastmilk like the other two did. I suspect the regularity/irregularity was due to schedule of nursing.

My third child was conceived when child #2 was only ten months old and still heavily nursing. If your #2 is on the way, you'll manage to survive it. I was worried that ds wouldn't get to be a baby, but he did. I just had two babies and an extremely active toddler. I'd sit in the rocker with all three kids on my lap while the baby nursed. It seemed to cut down on the jealousy.

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I think six months is a great time to indroduce a sippy cup. The advent ones with the flexible top might be most comfortable for a baby that age.

My periods were all over the place when I was nursing, I'd have one, then 3 months would go by, then I get another one. Meanwhile I would've bought a pregnancy test. There are certain birth control options you could go on that are safe while nursing, you may want to talk to your OB/GYN if you aren't ready for baby #2!!!

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Yup, now is the perfect time to start the sippy cup.

I was one of those that didn't start a cycle until I completely stopped nursing. Had one cycle and then was pregnant again. So I am only guessing that it would be fairly normal for things to be irregular for awhile.

One interesting thing I learned was that it is not necessarily the nursing that keeps your period away - it is the night nursing. I took this to mean 24 hour nursing with no food supplement. I think there may be some truth to this since so many nursing women start their periods sooner than they expect. When did your baby start sleeping thru the night?

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And it is possible to get pregnant even before your period returns.
Linda C

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I got my first period 6 weeks after each child was born, nursed ecusively, and they were regular, so, that being said, they run the full gammot. I'd say get an EPT, you may be pregnant again.


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My DD started sleeping through the night when she was 1 mo. Since then it has been 6-7 nursings during the day until 5 months when we added 1 solid meal and the 2nd solid meal at 5 1/2 months. Since then she has refused to nurse after the solids to complete the portion and she has also refused to nurse in the evening so I have to give her a bottle of my milk. Up to now I've been expressing milk daily after the 1st morning feeding but I have stopped cause the pump broke and I find it very difficult to do by hand and also because I wanted to let my supply go lower since it was extremely uncomfortable during the evening and night until she nursed again. Now she nurses a couple of times in the morning then a solids meal then another nursing or two (1 breast each time for maybe 10 minutes) then another solids meal then the bottle.

Oh well, I wont sweat it if #2 is on the way, but DH will have a hard time... I'll wait a bit more for the home test since my periods ranged from 26 to 36 days before my first pregnancy.

Thank you all for your replies!

happy and proud mom of HarA (Joy) 6mo

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Hi... My son (12mos) never used a sippy cup. I started him drinking from a regular cup (me holding it) shortly after I started the solids at five months. So I think if you want to use a sippy cup, 6 mos is a good time. I'm still nursing him, although sometimes it's only twice a day. He hasn't nursed at night since he was 2 mos old. I still haven't gotten my period and have taken countless home tests thinking (and hoping) I was pregnant, but I'm definantly not. :P Oh well.. I guess I'll just count my lucky stars that I have gone this long without having to deal with a period.. haha.

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Breast-fed my son and my periods returned while still breastfeeding. We went one time without birth control and had my second child 360 days after my first one. If your DH is not ready for another child, I would suggest that you figure out some method of birth control --- now! We were ready for another one and DH even said let's try and see what happens. Well, it happened!!!

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Maria, menses & ovulation are related to a number of factors, not limited to:

ad lib nursing vs schuduled feeds
bottle use (inc expressed milk)
night nursing
bed sharing
exclusive breastfeeding
introduction of table foods
skin-to-skin contact
hormone levels

In traditional nursing communities, children are spaced around 4 or 5 years apart. In western circles, mothers see a return of periods around 14 months. Research shows the differences are related to nursing practices and nutrition (particularly the amount of fat and protein in a mother's diet).

Sounds like you've had a number of interruptions in the nursing relationship, particularly if your 5 or 6 month old is refusing to nurse at times. Sometimes this is related to the social nature of that age, or a shift in milk supply related to heavy introduction of solids or change in routine. Occasionally, babies go on nursing strikes due to changes in milk taste with pregnancy.

The introduction of solids for a breastfed infant is generally suggested to begin with tastes (fingertips -- 1/2 tsp) around 6 months, offering table foods for trial after nursing until at least 9 months. This protects the breastfeeding relationship and the milk supply. Offering large amounts earlier (particularly "instead" of nursing) can be understood by baby (and in practice!) as deliberate weaning by mom. Which is fine if that's your intent. If that's not quite your plan, and nursing is taking an odd road, you might want to consider chatting with an experienced & accredited La Leche League Leader or an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). You'll find good information regarding complementary foods on websites for La Leche League International and for the World Health Organization.

For help understanding and continuing your breastfeeding relationship, check out La Leche League Greece.

Here is a link that might be useful: La Leche League Greece

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Yes, you can get pregnant before having your period. Remember, the period is the flushing out of the uterine lining because you DID NOT get pregnant that month. If you DID get pregnant that month, then you would not have a period. Nursing is NOT complete protection from unplanned pregancies.

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I didnt introduce the cup until I was weaning my daughter off the bottle.I showed her that if she wanted a drink now,she could have it in a cup.She weaned off the bottle at 12 months and never even cried about her bottle.
However,the pacifier was a whole nother story,LOL.

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