Baby Einstein Videos, love or leave 'em??

TamaraCSBFebruary 21, 2002

My Raquel has the Shakespeare and the Dolittle ones!! She loves them!! And I'm finding that she reacts the very same way at certain areas on each tape! How do you guys like them?? I highly recommend them!!

Love you guys!!


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We bought the Baby Mozart and Baby Einstein for our DD when she was younger. She loved them too. I still wish I was the one who came up with the idea to take a home video camera and film baby toys with music in the background. (LOL)

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Me too!! I'm going to let my 11 year old son try to make a video for Raquel in the same manner, he is SO excited about it!! I'm going to help him, but I have a cousin that makes videos for fun (he's a VERY intellegent teen, lol:) and see if he'll add effects and music to it for Mason, I'll keep ya'll posted!! Now to round up those old toys!!


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If you read the data on those videos, it's not very positive. Studies have shown that it actually delays speech. But as a mother of twins I know that sometimes you need a break in order to be a better parent. If tv can provide you with a few minutes to yourself, then I don't see anything wrong with that. My children are now 1 year old and are just now becoming interested in tv, so I would be open to these videos. If they're going to watch something, it might as well be educational. But I do think the longer you can keep them away from tv, the better.

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Why would you turn on at TV? Sit the kid down surrounded by toys he can interact with..take your break.
There are no studies that say TV is a good thing ever but particularly before pre-school!! To get a strong grasp of language, meaning of words children need to INTERACT have REAL LIFE experiences. Years of public and private school work as a Speech and Language Therapist has convinced me what the studies say read, talk play with your child. TV does NOTHING for them they NEED!

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