Anyone have foumlas for RH Butter or Saffron in other brands

lauren3110July 7, 2012

I know it is a long shot, but I am in such need of help at this point! Has anyone has restoration hardware butter or saffron mixed in other brands and has the formula? I don't have a RH within 2 hours of me and the shipping on samples/deck will take a week and a half. I have to finalize my paint colors w/ the builder before then.

Or if anyone has a RH deck and other decks - could you check how close the BM Chestertown Buff - HC-9 is to Saffron and how close Sherwin Williams enjoyable yellow or behr Butter are to RH's Butter? Really hope someone has a RH deck they could check or better yet the formulas from matching! It would be a HUGE help.


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It would be a lot easier to ask SW or Home Depot to match the RH color - they probably have these colors in their computers.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Graywings is right, you're favorite paint counter more than likely has the formulas or has custom matched those colors before. Could walk right in there and grab a couple sample pots.

In 2005, fellow Garden Webber, Rabbitears, first eyeballed-up BenM colors to the original RH colors and emailed me her list. I added to it and over the years a few others have added on to it too. This is the last version I have.

Color Matches For Restoration Hardware paint in Benjamin Moore paint:

Atmosphere Blue - Gentle Gray 1626. New: Iced Slate 2130-60.

Butter - Precious Ivory 185 OR Golden Straw2152-50 which slightly more gray but a good match. No new matches.

Butter Cream - Blossom Tint 933. No new matches.

Caffe Creme - Spanish White 943. No new matches.

Celery - Hawthorn Green 379 or Stanhope Yellow 280 (both very good, but not spot on). No new matches.

Creamware - Consentino Chardonnay 247. No new matches.

Latte - This is a new color and I spec'd Crisp Khaki 234 as a close match and client was happy with it in comparison to her RH Latte chip. She nailed this.

Lavender - Same story as above spec'd BenM Porcelain 2113-60. This is now Pale Lavender and matches Venetian Marble 2114-70. I like the old Lavender better.

Saffron - Same story, but spec'd BenM Chestertown Buff HC-9. Nailed it again.

Silver Birch - Healing Aloe 1562. No new matches.

Sycamore Green - Moon Shadow 1516. Also distant match to Camouflage 2143-40.

The Right White - BenM's Super White (used on all the trim in the RH stores). No new matches.

Willow - Mesquite 501. No new matches.

New Colors:

Blue Sage. No matches anywhere.

Blush Rougissant. Behr Angels Kiss EPWN-7. Pratt&Lambert Pearly Gates 2268.

Butter Cream. Behr Night Glow PIC-6. Ace 3-G Lantern Light.

Buttermilk. No matches.

Cappucino. Berkshire Beige AC-2.

Chocolate. Brown Sugar 2112-20.

Cloud White. Glacier White OC-37.

Dusk. Mozart BLue CC-1665. In the Midnight Hour CC-1666.

Flax. Taupe 2110-10.

Hyacinth. No matches.

Lilac. SW 7078 Minute Mauve. Distant -- BM Portland Gray 2109-60.

Linen. Behr Toasted Barley PPL-60.

Mediterranean White. Behr Parchment Paper 710C-1. Pittsburgh Spun Cotton 119-1.

Orchid. No matches anywhere.

Petal. Pittsburgh Paint Peach Statice 123-1. Light Peach 122-2.

Rose. Pink Panther CC-1255.

Rouge. No matches.

Sea Green. Ace Hardware 153-C Treetops.

Seafoam. Behr Beach Wind ECC-32-2.

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I have both the Saffron and Butter paint chips.

BM Chestertown Buff HC-9 is a very close match to Saffron.

I don't have a SW chart, but Butter is very similar to BM Birmingham Cream 164.

I would caution, however, about taking my word on this. I don't have the eye for color that others here have. If Funcolors comes by, you can be certain of what she says.

You might also try posting this question on the Home Decorating forum.

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Oops, should have refreshed my browser before typing.

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Thank you for the replies. I will get samples of Chesterfield and I will also check out Birmingham Cream. I did ask yesterday at the BM store and they said they have a formula for Saffron but without a chip couldn't be sure it was accurate. That was why I was hoping someone else had matched it somewhere. They gave me a chip for Golden Lab saying the formula was close to Butter. If one of you with a BM and RH deck could compare that would be awesome. I may see how close the formula they have for Saffron is to the one for Chestertown Buff just to see if it is on the right track. Thanks again!

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Lori A. Sawaya

Already did or maybe I missed something? Butter - Precious Ivory 185 OR Golden Straw 2152-50. Chestertown Buff is the closest BenM color to Saffron.

Comparing formulas will get you nowhere but lost.

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Good to know about comparing formulas, thought it may be more accurate way to go but I will go with your closest match suggestions and get some samples. Thanks for your help.

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I'm sitting here with a BM fan deck and the RH paint chip. BM Golden Lab 178 is not a match for RH Butter. You can trust Funcolors' eye. She does this for a living.

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Thank you for checking! I will trust her suggestions.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Formulas are tough. Individual colorants can have an underlying signature of another color. Like green with blue or black with blue,etc. And in general not all colorants are created equal, i.e. some colorants are far more potent than others and a tiny bit of those colorants go ten times *farther* than others.

The actual, crafted and tested mix takes the full aspect of each colorant into consideration to arrive at the final color.

If you look the label of a color from Glidden for example, and it refers to green colorant you'd have no idea that green could better be described as a blue-green teal. Not just 'green'.

Apply mental color mixing gymnastics using typical color wheel color mixing myths and you'll end up with a hot mess.

The average consumer of color is better off leaving formulas alone and dealing with chips and brush-out paint samples.

Beware and ignore the peddlers of color "tools". Some claim if you understand the formula structure of a particular brand, then you can predict all kinds of crap about paint colors. Or, my other favorite is when they take apart the fandeck and arrange it in a magical manner that guarantees harmonious color schemes. Which it may very well do -- from a strictly paint chip perspective. But the fact inherent lighting is totally left out of their scheming equations means all bets are off when it comes to deploying their guaranteed harmonious color palettes in the 3D built environment.

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Thanks for all the help!

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