Sleep Problems - Problem #1 (long)

michie1February 6, 2002

We have 2 sleep problems. The 1st is trying to get 7 mos. old daughter to sleep in her crib (she's been sleeping in bed with us) at night. In her younger mos when she slept allot more during the day & even now that she naps very little during the day she usually slept/napped wherever she fell asleep - in swing, bounsey seat, car seat carrier, on the sofa with me...

Now we've started putting her in her crib for naps (which isn't much she we're lucky if she takes a max of 2 naps/day lasting all of 20-30 min each) & down at night once she's already asleep. She sleeps through the night 10-12 hrs. & doesn't wake up startled or anything in the morning.

How can I start getting her to fall asleep on her own in her crib, rather than putting her in when she's already asleep. We have to rock, walk or cuddle her to fall asleep before we transfer her. If we just put her down she just cries & tosses & turns & kicks & get's stuck with arm under her back or in the corner of the crib, so I feel bad letting her go for too long. Any ideas?

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I forgot to say that I give her some things to comfort her in her bed. She has a scooby stuffed animal (I'm not afraid of SIDS since she sits upon her own & tosses & turns without a problem), a pacifier (which she holds not sucks) & a small stuffed hand size toy thing she palys with all day long.

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I just read and posted on your post about your other problem. I'm thinking now that the crib may be why you're having problems getting her to want to go to bed at night, too. It's a big change for her. We rarely allowed DS to sleep with us and made sure he made it to his bed so that he was used to it early on. It's going to take time to get her used to the crib. It's like breaking a habit. Really all you can do is keep being consistent. Keep putting her in her crib and give her time to fall asleep on her own. She may whimper or cry a little but that's not bad. Now I'm not suggesting you let her cry for a half hour or hours or anything but see if you let her go for a bit if she'll calm down and go to sleep. It may take no time at all and it may take a couple of weeks. It depends on the baby. Good luck.


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The problem with daughter wanting to go to bed has nothing to do with the crib situation. We've had this problem all along, even when she was sleeping in bed with us.

As far as letting her cry. I have 2 approaches. If it seems to early & not likely that she's tired then I pick her right up. If it's late or we've been there done that a few times then I let her cry 5-10 min min. & keep going back & sit next to her crib & offer her a pacifier to hold or talk softly to her so she'll calm down or rub her belly or back & then I leave. I leave a night light on & either put on soft lullabye music or most often a sound machine. Sometimes she'll stop crying when I console her & starts again as soon as I leave & then there are times when she just continues screaming (not fussing - real screaming)& just won't stop.

I've heard that if you let them cry for longer periods & then pick them up that creates a worse problem & she'll learn to cry for as long as it takes b/c she learns that I will pick her up eventually, so if she's not consoling I just stay in her room longer until she falls asleep.

Hasn't anyone had this problem?

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With what you said about the crying, no. DS learned to calm himself down over time when we left him to cry. All it did was teach him that he could do it himself and he didn't need Mom or Dad to help him calm down. It depends on the sound of the cries, though, of course. I read this stuff in a Parenting magazine. I have learned more by taking care of DS that running to them when they cry, teaches them that you will always do that so when you can't, they scream louder and cry because they think you're not coming.

Everyone seems to have some type of sleeping problem with they're baby and you're just going to have to figure out what works with her. Maybe her schedule isn't working? I did read your other post and it seems that your two sleep problems do go more hand in hand than you think. It may not be the crib that's making this happen since you've always had problems but it's probably adding to it now. It's a change and change can drive some people crazy as you may have learned. I guess all you can do is work on your night time routine more and like I said in that post (I haven't re-read again, yet, though) maybe you're trying to start relax time too soon for her so she's not wearing off energy and getting tired. Have you tried doing bathtime at another time? DS has always gotten his in the morning and was fine about sleeping at night. What works for others, may not work for you so it just takes some guessing.


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