Wanting daughter to sleep through the night

frosty77February 16, 2007

My daughter just turned 10 mos old. In the past we had issues with her eating solids, but now she is doing fine. We also had problems with excessive spit up, but now that she is eating much more solids the spit up has drastically decreased (she still spits up though). The dr. at her 9 mos check up told me not to wean her from the night feeding just yet to see if she was gaining weight. However, I can tell that she is gaining weight because I don't have to safety pin all of her pants on anymore. Do you think I can start weaning her from her 1 to 2 night feedings? And if so, any ideas on how to do it without waking the 2 year old in the next room?

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Is the spitting up enough that your baby was classified as failing to thrive? Your doctor is probably your best advisor on when to take away the extra bottle.

Not to scare you, but my kids didn't start sleeping through the night until they were about 14-18 months old. For whatever reason, they just weren't ready until then.

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Are you breastfeeding? If so, you'll want to consider the impact of night-weaning on your milk supply -- as well as her calorie intake.

If weight gain is an issue, you may want to consider how to return the extra milk to her diet during the day, if you take it away at night. Babies are designed to get most of their calories from breastfeeding (or whatever substitute you've chosen) throughout the first year. If you are bottlefeeding, would it work to offer an extra bottle or two during the day?

adellabedella & her babies are terrific examples of "normal" night sleep (if there is such a thing!). I'm linking James McKenna, a well-known expert on infant sleep patterns. I've heard him speak at professional conferences and he emphasizes that babies are not biologically designed to sleep through the night until around 16 months. Sad for tired moms but true!!!

You can train babies to understand no one will respond at night(and there are many books on the subject) but that is a different subject. Problem is, babies often continue to wake a night & look for company, milk or no milk. Sounds like weight gain is a bigger issue than sleep, from what you share. Though I'm sure you need your sleep with a baby AND a toddler in the house!

BTW, there are many reasons baby spit up but feeding larger amounts less often contributes to the problem.

You might also consider consulting with a registered dietician who works with this age. You'll probably sleep better yourself knowing your daughter is getting all the nutition she needs.

Here is a link that might be useful: James McKenna PhD / baby sleep research

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If it's any comfort...one of mine woke every night until 2 1/2....and I lived!! LOL!
If she is eating when she wakes and si not over weight. don't stop the night feedings. All it takes is one 2 day bout with a flu bug to make a borderline baby dangerously skinny. A little extra meat on a little one is a good thing.
Linda C

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