Oil vs. Alkd/Oil? - Cedar Shingle Siding

hoopla-pdxJuly 1, 2010

We put up new, untreated cedar siding about 19 months ago. At the time, we used Pittsburg Sun-Proof clear stain, which is an Alkd/Oil mix. It wasn't put on thick enough, and we ended up with a lot of bleaching.

We are now about to re-stain and need to choose what to use. Should we be considering a straight oil stain, or are the Alkd/Oil mixes better and likely to provide better sun protection?

Any recommended brands? Sikkens seems highly rated, but is almost 3x more expensive than Olympic and 60% more than Cabot. Should Pittsburg Sun-Proof work well if put on better this time?

We're in Oregon, so we get a lot less sun than many places, but the house is pretty exposed, and we do get intense sun for a few months every year.

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The less opaque the finish, the shorter the lifespan. Get used to a lifetime of constant restaining if you want a clear or transparent finish on wood - regardless of brand. If it were me, I'd go with a solid stain and save the maintenance headache.

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I'm aware of the re-staining frequency with semi-transparent. I'm just trying to figure out what the best stain to use is. Am I more likely to get 5 years from one and 3 from another?

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Ok, I found some stuff which might interest you in previous threads on the Old House forum of Gardenweb.

It is about the Onion house. Take a look at the discussion of the options, the durability discussion. Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Onion House cedar shingles stain etc

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I still haven't found anything very useful, but I did come across an article posted on the Armstrong Clark site that might be useful to some in this predicament:


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