when did you baby roll over?

newmomFebruary 1, 2002

Hi moms,

Do you remember how old your baby was when they first rolled over?

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Hi newmom - my son rolled over the first time -tummy to back- just a couple of weeks ago. He was about 4 months old (17 weeks). He can roll back to tummy also, but prefers the back to play.

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My DS first rolled over from back to stomach when he was about 2 months old. He is now 4 1/2 months old and just started rolling over from stomach to back. I have heard that most babies roll over from stomach to back first, but my DS is having a hard time with that one. For some reason he figured out how to roll onto his stomach (he loves being on his stomach, maybe that's why) fairly quickly. I think it really depends on the baby, but Logan sleeps on his stomach so that could be the reason why he is backwards with which way he rolled over first!

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Back to stomach at 3 months. She's 4 mo's and not rolling from stomach to back yet because she doesn't spend much time on her tummy. I need to give her more tummy time.

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Kayla is 3months and has been rolling from back to belly for two weeks.but can't do belly to back. She gets frustrated with that.

I hear the average is 4 months.

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My son Ryan rolled over at 2 months. Freaked me and my husband out! We would put him to sleep on his back, then a couple hours later would hear him fussing. When we'd look in his crib, he would be on his tummy and mad as heck, LOL. The first few times my husband and I looked at each other and asked "Did YOU put him on his tummy?" Of course, neither one of us had. Ryan turned over all by himself for about a week. Then it was like he forgot how to roll over, and didn't do it again for 2 months!

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DD rolled from back to tummy - accidentally - a few times at 10 weeks. She did not start to do it intentionally until around 3 1/2 - 4 months. It took her a little while longer to learn how to roll from tummy to back.

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Mine is 5-1/2 months and doesn't roll very much. Just thought I'd add that since people are always complaining about 'braggart mothers.' I'm sure he'll get around to it!


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My DD is 4 mths and only rolled from tummy to back once (I think it was just by luck) and still has not rolled from back to tummy...she tries half way (her legs are trying to, but her top half can't). My DD hates to be on her tummy, however, we try to give her tummy time every day until she starts crying or screaming!

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DD is 3 months and she can roll onto her side but doesn't quite make it to her tummy yet. She's real good at kicking her legs and hips in the air and turning her body about 90 degrees. Then she gets mad because she's stuck under her toys in a weird direction!

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My DS flipped himself over in his carseat(he wasnt buckled) last week.(accidently) Hes 7 weeks. How he did that we dont know. Scared the hell out of my DH.

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DS JUST rolled over for the first time. He's 4 months.

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My little guy is almost 5 months and has no interest in rolling over, he is a very content little guy, he sits well on his own but doesn't roll yet. His big sister rolled over by 3 months but she was not a very content baby. All babies will do things at different ages.

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When she was ready :) mine were both early with rolling, today actually was my babys first time, she is 3 months, shes been trying like heck to get over!! I saw her trying and thought, I should grab the camera incase she does it this time! AND SHE DID! I get so emotional.
so now that I am done yapping... LOL I say, babies do stuff when they are ready to, and not a moment earlier. As long as you are interacting with your child, and stimulating them, doing tummy time and getting them interested in toys and such, they will do it when they are ready. That being said, if your child is a little bit older, and you are worried about it. Just talk to the doc about it at your next check up :) I love babies. it is SO much fun to watch them learn and explore!

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Wow, I can't believe when I read all these posts. My baby girl was exactly 2 *weeks* old last night and turned over from her stomach to her back!! I put her on the floor to see if she would and she did. So I called my wife in, and she did it a second time. Then I decided to get the video camera and recorded the 3rd time. She's been super strong since she was born.

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My daughter is 3 1/2 weeks old and is also rolling tummy to back already. She's done it probably a half dozen times; enough to get it on tape.

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my kid is 6 days old and he rolled over.... is that to soon? or normal?

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My little girl rolled over from belly to back the first time when she was 27 days old. My first child rolled over when he was four months. When your child decides to is when it will happen,

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Wow. I am encouraged & discouraged by all these posts. I want my baby to roll over so badly because I feel she's behind. She's 4 1/2 months old & she tries back to belly but not yet. & she HATES being on her tummy. So I am hoping she does it soon. I am a first time mom 20 yrs old so I worry if she's behind on things. Any advice?

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Well!!! My son started rolled over at 2month in he get a lot of tummy time

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I placed my 3 day old daughter on her stomach today as a way to get her to wake up for breast feeding and she flipped right over on her back.. I didn't know if that was normal or not but I didn't think so. So found this thread while looking for info on it. Can anyone beat 72 hours? She also rolled from her back to her side this afternoon to get more comfy in her bassinet. Think she could go to her belly if she felt like it.

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Thoughts from an older mother:
I think mothers today are making a bit of a mistake in not giving their babies enough "tummy time' ( as is it called today). What seems to me to be the lateness at which babies are rolling over "from front to back" as recorded on-line, is due to this.

Having raised four children, now aged mid-teen to 30, before the "no tummy sleeping" rule, I think this new rule is the reason.
My first grandchild just rolled from tummy to back at 3 weeks... and although this is very early for any era, the muscular development needed to do this is not going to happen as easily for the baby if babies are always on their backs. Reason: neck, shoulder, and arm muscles cannot get the best workout, which babies like and need to do (There is not a lot else they can do physically in their first weeks after all (when not sleeping and eating). And getting that kind of exercise is much harder for them if they are always on their backs! Perhaps the babies who do not like being on their tummies later might have liked it more if they had spent more time in that position earlier..which babies of only a generation ago did....

In conversations with other new grandmothers we are reaching the conclusion that time constantly on one's back delays the development of these muscle groups... In fact babies will be able to safely hold their heads up much sooner is they spend more time on their tummies from the beginning.
So, my suggestion, when you are not feeding or changing, talking or singing to that darling baby, put him on his tummy!
(Just make sure, following todays rules, that if he goes to sleep you roll him over to his back before leaving him alone!)

This are just my thoughts, however, and there is no reason this matters in a big way. And certainly there are advantages to a baby who doesn't roll over, as once they can go front-to-back, and then back-to-front, they can roll off of things, as well as right across the floor! (which my eldest did withing an hour of first back-to-front roll---then pulled something heavy, which happened to be dangling from a table (10 feet away from starting position) right on to his head!) Oh the things we learn from our first children!! ( Ended up with two degrees from Ivy League schools, despite me!)

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my baby is just 6weeks old and is rolling from his stomach onto his back! im amazed at how strong he is

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My son is 7.5 weeks and can roll from tummy to back and from back to tummy. He can also army crawl and get about 1/3 of the way off the ground during tummy time. :D

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My 3 week old just rolled over from back to belly and scooped herself across the playpen by pushing with her toes, which is why I Googled this subject. Scares me to think she can get on her belly now! Scared she may suffocate at night... but then again my sister was fine (she is 27 now). She turned over from her back to her belly and pushed herself up with her arms and looked at my dad while still in the incubator at the hospital right after birth. Awed my dad and the nurses that were in there!!! My other 2 girls didn't turn over until they were about 2 months (My oldest) and 3 1/2 months old (My middle). My middle was a little more behind because she had spinal menengitis at 1 month old...

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My baby just rolled over at 9 weeks. Check link below for the video.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chloe Rolls Over

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