Desperately Need Enfamil Coupons!!!!

beanerFebruary 9, 2002

Hi All!

Well, not desperately, but they would be nice. My coupon supply seems to have run dry. Enfamil has not sent me any in a while. My twin girls are nine months old today and they go thru ~4-5 pounds of formula a WEEK. Is anyone not using their Enfamil checks and would like to donate them to me? I would greatly appreciate it. I could send you some Huggies or Pampers coupons or something!

Thanks so much!


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Sorry, but they've stop sending me mine too???

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I have some, just email me your address and I will send them right out. Amy

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I keep signing up on their website using different names and addresses of my family etc. I love those coupons.. $3 off each can. I haven't seen them as often as I used to get them.

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