Crying Baby - Apology

Karla_NEFebruary 4, 2002


I received the following in an Email to my home. He asked me to share it with all of you.



I am trying to get this post out but it won't let me. Please feel free to check out my profile. Karla could you please post the following apology to the site. Thank You.


I am no longer sleeping baby I am now Crying Baby. I am admitting this openly hoping that all the mothers will accept my apolgy for any comments that might have upset anyone. I was in no way trying to cause trouble like some may have thought. I simply am just providing another insight into what worked for my family.

Also to all those mothers who think I restrained my wife in a physical hard manner, I am sorry, I should have been more clear. I was in just as much pain as she was (we only laid there and held each other), I mean who likes to hear their baby cry? And trust me when I tell you this, there is no way in Heck I could ever hold my wife down if she wanted to get up, but after she saw that it worked she was fine with it (but never longer than 10-15 minutes) and now he sleeps through the night since his 2nd month. Her entire family can't believe how easy our baby Tyler is and they love to have him over night but the other children in the family drive them nuts all night, just an observation and fun conversation in our family get togethers.


BIG APOLOGY goes out to Karla. I am so sorry that you took so much grief for sleeping baby comments if you check out my profile you can see my link to my web site and if you like we can chat on the phone. It is very very unfortunate that in this country of Free speech that my screen name of sleeping baby would be taken away and my access denied. I hope that who ever did this would understand and help to re-activate my screen name so I can contribute to this site.


I mis-spoke on co-sleeping (about wheening) I understood wheening to be sleeping not breast feeding (remember I am a man) however my point still stands that kids should not sleep with their parents in the same bed, (remember this is my personal opinion and I am not pushing it on anyone) maybe the same room is OK but not in the same bed.

Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I wish there was more than anecdotal evidence on the co-sleeping thing. Unlike DS # 1, DS # 2 sleeps almost exclusively with us, and he's now almost 6 mos. We'll put him in his crib to start the night, which lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to (joy!) two hours, then he awakens and I bring him to bed for a breast-feeding snack. Inevitably we both fall asleep until morning. I always put a pillow between him and DH so he can't accidentally roll onto him.


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