Barn needs it...paint or stain?

Annie DeighnaughJuly 25, 2014

We have a 200 yr old barn. About 20 yrs ago, we had it sandblasted back to bare wood and then these guys came in in bucket trucks and spray painted the entire building.

Now it needs painting again. The last painter came in said he does brush only and suggests using Ben Moore's Arborcoat stain instead of paint.

I'm concerned about stain over paint. I know there's less build up, but I remember friends who stained their house instead of paint...great no more scraping...but 2 yrs later the place looked awful and they had to stain it again. I'd much prefer to paint it and then not have to touch it again for another 10-15 years.

So, paint or stain for exterior? Are today's stains durable enough or will I be unhappy?

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Annie Deighnaugh

So I went to the Ben Moore place and he really thought the arbor coat stain would be the best....he said it's very durable and is hard to distinguish from fact, with the sample I brought him, he thought it may have been stain on there already.

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Usually when a product needs to be redone in 2 years, there are some underlying conditions involved. Hardly ever can you directly blame the product that was used. That said, stain doesn't peel like paint and stain doesn't form a skin so yes Arborcoat would be a good choice for a barn unless you are looking for something with sheen.

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Our log home is stained with SW Yankee Barn in a water borne latex. We did a restoration to the wood prior to staining. If you are picky I'd say every 3 years is ideal. We have dark areas where the sun exposure is the issue. We have northern white cedar logs. I highly recommend test samples. The colors are so subjective on the wood grain, type of wood and level of sanding. I spoke with SW rep who was kind enough to do a moisture test on my wood prior to application. BM might have a better stain life's been too long ago for my research to be effective. We did add "bug juice" pesticide additive to the stain and it helped a little....the wood/carpenter bees slacked off in population a little for a few years but judging by this year, it's stain time again. Please post a pic of your finished project. Good Luck!

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You must agree with the ideas that is suggested by the painter. As he is having the experience to paint , so you must go give the painter the paint he demands.

Here is a link that might be useful: painter

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