Is Anyone Here?

Karla_NEFebruary 19, 2002

Is anyone still here???

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I am. We went to Yosemite this weekend, it snowed. We loved it. Looks slow this week.

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I'm here too, but it just seems there is nothing left to say.

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I'm here too

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I have something to say. My best friend had her baby last week, 2/13/2002. He is 9 lb 2 oz! A little man already! I'm so excited that I thought I would toot a horn in his honor! (and in her honor for successfully birthing a baby that big!)

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I'm here. Someone paid for me to stay at the Crafts and Decoartions forum a few months ago so I post wherever I can to get my use out of her generous gift.

This place really is dead. All the parents forums are at a standstill.


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I'm here, but I'm not even a parent yet! I used to lurk over here to prepare myself for the baby I'm expecting in July - got lots of good info from this place!

*Sigh*... I miss learning from everyone who used to be here!


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I'm still here.

Trekaren, congrats on your friend's new baby! That reminds me of when i worked at a hospital - while going on pharmacy rounds one day I heard someone in VERY active labor - you could hear her in the stairwell! - and found out that she gave birth to a baby over 12 pounds - WITHOUT an epidural! And that wasn't even her first big baby! She brought him down to the pharmacy to get her check-out meds and he already looked like he was 2 months old!

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12 pounds! Are you serious? That woman deserves the congressional medal of honor. Yeah, my friend had an epidural for labor, but by the time she delivered it was worn off and too late for them to top it off.

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Who else here has had a >10 pound baby?

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I used to work with a woman who had a 10 lb 15 oz baby girl. It was her first and she went a little late. With her second child, she insisted on delivering on time and her son was between 9 and 10 pounds. This woman is a stick when she's not pregnant.

I have to ask my mom how big the neighbor's niece's baby was. I'm almost positive he was over 12 pounds.

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I am here.

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I am so glad to see that you all are here. I thought I was all alone out here. Hahaha.

My cousin just had a baby last month and she wanted the epidural, they put it in her. She had no relief from it and when the nurse went to check it, they didn't realize that it fell out and her bed was getting the meds! Can you imagine?? They put another one in, but by that time it was too late and didn't kick in until after the baby was born.

I had both of my babies natural but they were only 6 - 8 and 8 - 2. They were big enough for me.

Have a great day everyone!!

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I'm back after a month+ without a PC!! It was hard the first couple of days, but after that I was amazed at how much more stuff I got done around the house. Now I have a new computer but will try and make sure the house doesn't suffer the consequences too badly.

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