What do you use to line your CLOTH diaper pail?

PatyFebruary 8, 2002

We have a fisher price diaper pail that we keep use as a dry pail for our cloth diapers. I've been lining it with trash bags but the urine is leaking through the trash bags and it's absolutely disgusting. Plus, I'd like to have something non-disposable. I ordered a bummis waterproof tote but it wasn't shaped right for the pail so I had to send it back? What do you use to line your diaper pail?

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We use dry pail for most items unless they are really messy, then we put them in a wet pail. The wet ones (or where everything solid shakes off) we just put in a regular laundry basket-- no liner and no top. We keep the basket on top of the dresser in the nursery so DS can't get into it. It's so arid here that they dry pretty quickly and we've never had a problem with odor (and no stains to date, either). DS is a fairly heavy wetter and we launder about every 3rd day. I don't know if it matters, but we use fitteds and prefolds in my version of a fuzzi bunz (no AIOs).



P.S. I see your from Colorado, too!! We're in Pueblo-- where are you? e-mail to magoop@ivillage if you don't want to broadcast.

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Do you have a washing machine and dryer? Then you will be a lot happier if you get in the habit of washing them each day. You don't have to have a full load. If you need something to carry them from the pail to the washer, just use a plastic bucket. Rinse out the dry pail and let it air dry. A liner will just be one more thing to have to keep clean.

Another way is to put all of the days collection along with any towels or sheets in the washer at night and let them rinse or soak. Then in the morning, add the night time diapers and anything soiled during the night and continue the with a regular wash.

by the time that your baby gets older, and the mess is worse, you will be glad that you are in the habit of doing this.

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We don't.

We use a dry pail (the pail is a $5 kitchen trash can with lid from family dollar). We don't have a problem with urine/liquid collecting on the bottom. On occasion I'll wash it out with a bleach solution or let it sit outside in the sun. So far we haven't had any odor problems.

I think chooseydiaper.com has diaper pail liners. We have a small one for taking along in the diaper bag and it doesn't leak at all (if they do, it's generally the seams, and you can put seam sealer for tents/camping gear on it).

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Absolutely nothing.

The diaper days are behind me now, but back when I was diapering in my home I used a plain old-fashioned plastic diaper pail... a really big one, and every few weeks I'd give the pail a good scrubbing and disinfecting.

Adding liners and plastic bags to cloth diaper pails only complicates matters. Simple is better.

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