Painting unpainted wood trim

elstenJuly 4, 2011

We recently purchased a great 1960's home from the original owner. None of the wood trim/molding has been painted. It all looks as though it has some coating (polyurethane?) that is still slightly shiny.

I have already attempted to paint trim in two bedrooms following the steps listed below. The first room yielded a good-looking finish (likely due to the quality paint), but one that chips and peels down to wood with even the slightest scratch of a fingernail. The second room with primer only responds to light scratching in the same manner. I have stopped all painting/prepping in order to find the best method before I proceed any further. Any specific tips and processes for how to paint this wood trim would be greatly appreciated!

Painting steps I have followed:

1. Clean baseboards and trim with damp sponge

2. Prime one coat with Benjamin Moore "Fresh Start"; dry time approx 10 hours

3. Paint one coat with Benjamin Moore "Advance"; dry time approx 18 hours

4. Paint second coat with Benjamin Moore "Advance"; dry time approx 4 days

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Well, you forgot to sand. It's the most important step. Primer has a much better chance to stick to a slick surface if it is dulled down with sanding. Also, if you can handle the odor, I would use BIN instead. It's the best primer around for ahdesion. Remember also, that BIN and Fresh Start will take time to cure. The more they cure, the better their grip will be. That said, if you try to scrape off the primer with your fingernail an hour later, you may be able to get it off but if you wait a few days, that will be more difficult. Even if you do everything right though, painting over previously poly'd wood will never be as durable as if you were painting new wood.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

what he said

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