~My momma wants you to vote for me~

Andrea_AZFebruary 1, 2002

Hi everyone! I'm Logan, and I'm 4 1/2 months old! My mom really likes to take pictures of me and she entered me in a Valentine's contest!! Could you please let her know that you think I am the cutest baby in the contest(and maybe in the whole world!) by voting for me? It would make her happy, and me too because I could win all kinds of things like formula, diapers and toys! Thanks!! Oh, by the way, if you REALLY want me to win, you have to go there once a day and vote for me!




Here is a link that might be useful: Baby contest!

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Logan's picture is on page 12 and his name is Logan James P.

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I just voted for your little guy. He is a cutie!

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How do you go about entering the contest? Is is too late for the Valentines one because I just got the most adorable pics of Elsa and I would like to know how to enter for future contests anyway...

Thanks...and I did vote for Logan...how cute!


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I found that site from someone on this site who wanted me to vote for their baby! I am not sure if you can still enter for February, but the home page of the contest would tell you for sure. You have to first create a home page for your baby (it's all free) but you have to have a digital camera or a scanner or your photos on disc to do it. The site goes through all of the instructions to upload photos onto your site (it's kindof confusing but you just have to take it step by step)- I am no computer gu-ru!! But once you upload the pic you want for the contest then it is all taken care of. Every month there is a different theme, but once you win, you can't enter again, to give everyone a fair chance. It is pretty much, whoever can get the most people to vote for their baby wins, but it is still fun to see your little one online!!


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