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mavericks_momFebruary 10, 2002

I was looking at my DS in his swing(2 months old). I noticed he looked like he was staring at something. His eyes would go back to this one spot.Alot of times he would look past me to see this spot. I looked and there is nothing there,not even a wall. I mentioned it to my DH and he said he noticed the same thing. My DH then said that he heard that babys can see "ANGELS" because they are so close to god. I never thought of anything like that. What do you think?

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My DD will do that staring thing too and it has crossed my mind whether or not she can see "something" that we cannot see. I've never heard stories of babies seeing angels or anything like that but I wouldn't rule it out. Sometimes the thought fascinates me, sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. DD is almost 16 weeks old.

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I absolutely believe in angels. Kayla is now 15 weeks and still stares but seems to really focus on us now. But when she was a peanut she would stare up in the air and talk and talk away. I would always ask her if the angels were talking to her.

Of course they are...he,he

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This is so funny you posted this! When ever DS (3 mo) looks off and stares he will often smile and giggle. I have always told my husband that maybe his guardian angel is talking to him and playing with him. I definitely believe in Angels. The Bible talks of them often. I would also like to believe that my DS can see them. If he can they certainly make him happy.

Aspen and baby Logan

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When Sara was first brought home she would stare upwards and then smile, look away, and then look again. Nothing was there as we were redoing our living room. I know you will all think I am crazy but two times when we were sitting in the living room and I was feeding her (this was in the days when she was not sleeping at all and it was really tough) I swear I felt someone touch my shoulder! I even looked to see if anyone was there. It kind of creeped me out but I swear I felt something. I must say I really have never been a believer but after baby I kind of do.

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DD will do the same thing and i def. believ she is seeing angels. also, i believ animals see them too.
our children are so precious to God and i believe that as a christian that i have a guardian angel to protect me.
i hope she is seeing angels because that makes me soooo happy and gives me a peace.
i do think it is awesome that it seems like all our little ones can see heavenly things:)

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definitely ( :
nyomi too...i've had that same exact swing episode many times...sometimes she looks at something i don't see and has even put her little hand on her chin in contemplation.

it always happens when she's really peaceful and in her own nyomi *world*

-jami...mommy to almost 3 month old nyomi

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I know dogs aren't what you guys are talking about dog is 10 months old and he very often will look up at the ceiling and he is watching something. In different rooms of the house. Very intently. I say his name softly and he will look at me for a second but then goes right back to what he is watching. I can't see anything, but he does. I would love to know there is someone there watching. I have lost two very close and dear people to me over the last 7 or so years and it makes me wonder if they are keeping and eye on my family. I do BELIEVE!!!

Have a great day everyone!


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My first born is 4yo, one day recently, she was on the swing set and had the strangest look on her face. It wasn't a scared look, just a look of being very full, I asked her what she was doing, and she replied "I am feeling your daddy's spirit" and she started singing a made up song about I will always be there. I know she felt him, since I had been thinking about him a lot in the recent weeks, I feel like he was out there with her. He died years before she was born. She is a very sensitive child, and has talked about feeling her granddaddy's spirit occasionally. She always gets this look on her face, happy and peaceful, it is the coolest thing. I wish we didn't loose that as we get older, maybe we can learn that open mindedness from our babies, I do believe.

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I already posted but I had to add another story. I know my daughter always talked to the angels and laughed etc.

But my 2.5 year old niece was over and said my Mommy is having a baby. We all laughed and figured she was thinking that since I just had a baby that her mom should also. Needless to say they announced their pregnancy in December. BUT when my niece said the comment, they were not pregnant.

Anyway, we asked her if she was happy that she would have a baby brother or sister. She looked at us like we were crazy and said it is a baby sister. Sure enough the u/s said it was a girl.

You just wonder...

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I have felt that same touching. For me it was like something had gently stroked my hair. It happened twice if memory has served me correct. Maybe its there way of saying yes we are here and dont be afraid. I dont know....

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Another thing I remember is...My son is 7 and my daughter is 3. My son says he remembers being inside of me before they were born and they used to play together. He swears that he chose his sister before either of them were born. And he'll ask her if she remembers when they used to play, she doesn't, but kind of makes me wonder. I think it's really cool!!!

I DO believe!

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I totally believe and I am so glad mavericks_mom started this post! Ava stares and SMILES above and beyond my shoulder all the time. It is not her smile of "oh, I am so happy today" but a smile of JOYFUL RECOGNITION!

Her whole face lights up and it gives me goosebumps! (I have them right now just talking about it!) Now I try to look at the same spot and talk with her about who she might be seeing ...

I had a TOTAL guardian angel experience recently, which I will post separately!

(Ava, 10/5)

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I had a similar experience as Jenibv. Before we had told ANYONE I was pregnant, only DH and I knew, our niece who had just turned 4 came to visit from another state. She sat on my lap playing, patted my stomach and said "Do you have a baby in your tummy?" Of course, I was shocked and actually don't even remember what I said. I do remember I had to leave the room before I gave it away. A few weeks later we did tell family because we were afraid Anna would tell before we could.

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My DS did the staring "thing" too. I do believe that they can see/feel spirits.

I have a story relating to the "touching". One night I was nursing my DS in our bedroom and my DH was at work. The house was very quiet and I was rocking my son as I nursed him. All of the sudden I heard a thump on my son's crib (it was in our room at the time). There was nothing that could've caused the noise that I could explain, but right after the thump I swear I felt that there was something/someone unseen in the room with me. It wasn't a scary feeling---but I had tears streaming down my face. I just kept looking around the room trying to "see" what I thought I was feeling. It was such an odd, but peaceful feeling. I told my DH about it a day or 2 later and he explained it as sleep deprivation. Who knows?

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I certainly do. My son was a few months old and was sitting in his Johnny Jump Up (he loved that thing) and soon he became antsy, I was getting ready to go get him when he started cooing and smiling at something in the other room. He was watching it intently. I came in the room cautiously, wondering who it was, nothing was there. I was somewhat spooked. More instances of him when he was crying, all of a sudden would calm down and stare away and smile at something I could not see. From that moment on I was convinced he was seeing angels. My Mother was convinced also and started saving all kinds of Guardian Angel stuff for him. I'm a firm believer of that today.

I'm glad you bought this topic up. People thought I was crazy when I'd mention it. Glad I'm not the only believer. :)


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