Something to keep the toys in & some venting

niktenFebruary 12, 2002

DD is into chucking her rattles, toys, etc. out of the stroller when we are out. Do they make anything to connect to some of the toys so they won't be able to get tossed out? She threw her teething beads out and I didn't notice until 5 min. later. I went back to the store and saw a boy holding them (had to be about 5 or 6). I asked his mom if they had just found those and she got really nasty and said no. I still think they were ours. I mean the same store, brand new bead w/o any marks on them, and what would a 5 year old need them for! For $2 I let her keep them. But I was still quite peeved.

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They make little plastic links that you can hook some toys to the stroller or high chair. DS likes the links as much as the toys themselves.


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The links are sometimes different shapes, like when DS was a baby almost 3 years ago, they were fish. We found ours at Wal-Mart with the baby toys and they were pretty cheap. He still plays with them in the bathtub and I have some hanging in the bathroom for decoration with the other fish! Were well worth they're money! LOL

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I use the clips that they sell to attach the pacifier to the baby to attach DS's toys to his stroller.

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Plastic links are AWESOME for just that purpose...keeping toys from being left behind.

Get a couple boxes - they're avail in different shapes, as nadastimer mentioned.

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I bought some of those links for a friend who is due this week. Found them very cheap at Babys R Us. I wish they had been around when my DD was a baby!

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The links are great! I have the ones that are circles, squares, and diamonds. (red, white & black)

Another GREAT use is in the van! On the back of my passenger seat, there is a handle to help people getting in and out. I attached 3 or 4 long chains of the links to the handle with a toy on each end. That way, when DS throws a toy, I can just grab the chain, and follow it down to the end where the toy is.

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