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lisa1February 14, 2002

Thanks to everyone for your input and advice. smom40, the reason why I've started solids is because my family doctor said I should start him at 3 months (didn't listen to him there), and then I just started taking him to a pediatrician who said that I should start him at 4 months. All the books I've read said not to rush, and that baby can be started between 4-6 months, but also that solids have important nutrients that BM alone won't be able to provide as baby grows. I usually give him rice cereal (just once a day) an hour after I've BF in the afternoon... as a kind of addition, not as a replacement.

So here I am, a mom for the first time and I don't know what to do. In any case, I don't expect to go more than one solids feeding a day for a while, anyway. I'm not in a rush to be feeding him tons of solids this early.

Thanks again for all of your advice...


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Sounds to me like you are doing the right thing. It IS so hard to know what to do. Everyone (Pediatricians, books, other moms) has their own idea. I think it's different for everyone and you have to do what works in your family.

Good luck to you.


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