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vbiju_caFebruary 4, 2002

One of my friends has a 4 month old baby and she feels her head is big for her body. She is kinda apprehensive about it in the long run. Wanted to know if u mothers out there had a similar case and if it eventually falls in place... Anything one can do about it.

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A baby's head is disproportionately large compared to its body and thin neck. It is also common for their bellies to seem pot bellied or large. The internal organs fill up more than the space and make the belly seem very big next to those thin, little legs. Around age 2 years it looks more in proportion.

However, since I am not looking at the baby, that's easy for me to say. I'm sure your friend will feel better if she makes sure to put that question on the list at the next check up, which should be at around 6 months.

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My son has an ENORMOUS head! At 2 months it was in he 95%... but so was the rest of his body (height and weight).

My niece had quite a large noggin' as well, and the rest of her was tiny. I think her head was in the 90% and her weight was in the 25% or so. The doctors didn't seem worried... some people just have large heads, her dad included.

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My niece and nephew have disproportionately large heads. Their pediatrician noticed this and asked their parents to measure their heads (both were large as well). It's not a problem at all for them, and definitely not something you'd notice now that they are 7 and 12 (it was more noticable when they were babies).

They have had to buy their own helmets when playing football/baseball/softball - the standard team ones were uncomfortable. I seem to remember my brother doing this, too.

I remember reading somewhere that Vanna White was chosen for Wheel of Fortune in part for her large head - guess this is a desirable trait for models/media people.

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My two year old nephews head was round as a ball when he was born (vaginally) and his head will not fit into his 9 year old brothers hockey helmet. He is a spitting image of my Dh and will probably be over 6 feet tall and everything will be porportioned then


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At the checkups, the doc will give her percentile for height, weight, AND head circumference - at least mine did in the early days. So that will show if it is disproportionate.

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TreKaren is correct. Head circumference is one of the three measurements that the ped's office takes at every well-baby visit and they track it to see if there are problems. Your friend should bring this question to the ped so that he/she can allay her fears. If the ped hasn't said anything, doubtful that this is anything more than a big-headed baby! :))

Btw, both of my children have heads in the 95th percentile. When my ped mentioned this the first time, I looked at him and said "I'm VERY familiar with every centimeter of that kid's head!" LOL! ;) I then looked at my DH and said "It's all your fault!" (Which eventually turned into my theory that if I was thinking straight when I was dating, that I should've only gone out with pinheaded men! :)

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