Please help with my kitchen cabinet

gnbbgysFebruary 17, 2013

I just bought a house and the kitchen is partially finished, I'd like to add more cabinet to my kitchen. Problem is I cannot find the maker of my cabinet. I had tried to ask seller several times still got no response. I know the chance is slim someone can identify the maker for me from the picture but have to try my luck here. I have search all drawers and doors for the maker label and cannot find it. The cabinet should be installed within 5 years. I am in NY area.

Appreciate your help!

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It isn't possible to tell. Does not appear to be site built. The door style would be available from multiple companies or makers. With no name and being in NY they could be locally made. Picture looks like cherry. The is sue will be color match, more so if they are cherry.
Look into upper middle to custom brands sold nearby. Take a drawer pix, piece of wood, picture with you and check around. There are a lot of brands that match colors.

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How about posting a layout showing what's there already and what you want to add? Maybe we can suggest an off-color furntiture-look cabinet style if it makes sense? For example, if adding a pantry cabinet area, or dining hutch or beverage center, or island, etc., you may be able to do a contrasting color like a chocolate or a creamy white. Depends on what you're looking to do though.

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Do you know who the builder was? Are the other houses in the neighborhood by the same builder and of the same era? If so, you can contact the builder, or try to get information from neighbors.

Have you looked places like the underside or sides of drawers? Sometimes they have a mark hidden there.

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I was going to suggest what Controlfreakcs said - look inside the drawers, the underside of drawers, inside the cabinets in the corners, and wherever else in the cabinetry. You should find the maker's name somewhere.

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jakuvall : Thanks! Yes it's made of Cherry! Thanks for your suggestions. I am going to visit the local cabinet maker store to check it out. This is my first house and I almost know nothing about cabinet brand. Sorry about that. Would you please give me some brand name of cabinet you think might be applicable? I only know *bilotta* which I will go and check out on Monday. I also searched yellow page and angie list for local cabinet makers. Will update the post if I got anything next week. Appreciate agagin!!!!

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shannonplus2 and controlfreakecs : Thanks! I will search again all of the drawers and doors.

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taggie : I am going to add the same cabinet in the pic besides the ovens which makes it impossible to use different colors. If it's island I could definitely use different color. But thanks for your suggestions!!!!

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I search the back of the cabinet installed for the island and the bottom of the drawer. I found " SHAW 11993" which is handwritten on the wood. On the bottom of the drawer I see "shzw 11993" I might be wrong, but i looks like "z" instead of "a" in some places. I searched online I only find a SHAW cabinet in CA. But I live in NY. Anyone know what the maker/brand might be? Thanks!

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Post a picture of what you found. Also post a picture of the drawer glides and hinges.

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back of the cabinet for island

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drawer glides.

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another pic

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Looks like to me the cabinets were made for a client named "Shaw". I could be totally wrong.

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I was just going to say what kgolby said. Id check to see if there was a prior owner with that name. Then you know they are custom or semi custom

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Cabinetry makers that are certified by the kcma put a sticker on the sink base door. There is a code you can look up on their website. Not saying you have one, but its a good place to start

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