lisa1February 3, 2002


I looked at your website but didn't see any pictures of you or hubby with sling. Maybe you haven't posted it yet? or maybe I missed something? I'll check again tomorrow....

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Just a tip for you. You can probably reach her a lot easier and sooner by sending her an Email instead of putting a personal posting on the forum. The personal posts tend to be discouraged here. If you are unsure of her Email, just go to a post she has contributed to, click on My Page by her name, and you will see the option of sending her an Email.

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we are putting the pic. up again tomorrow nite!
let me know!!

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OMG... is Phoebe EVER cute!! When I last checked out your webpage, it was so quick that I didn't have the chance to really look at her pictures. She sure is a doll, though!
It was still too early to see the sling pic but thought I'd let you know that I did check again this afternoon.

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i just spoke to my DH & he said that he didn't put the pic up there yet. i could kill him:) i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry!
he will put it on the site by 4p.m. tomorrow or he will be in big trouble (lol)
please forgive me for taking so long.
thanxs so much for saying my DD is cute. she's my sweetie and i luv her so much.


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