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anna_caFebruary 7, 2002

Hi all,

Could you give me some suggestions on breakfast for a one year old?. He absolutely despises cereal, likes french toast but not after two consecutive days, toast with butter and jam (again, only for a couple of days), and gerber dinners once in a while. He doesn't have any teeth yet too.

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my kids have liked:
scrambled eggs cooked with cheese (adds flavor and makes them sticky/easier to eat). They ate hard boiled eggs, too, chopped up with some shredded cheese, then you can make them ahead and not have to cook in the morning.

Pilsbury crescent rolls with stuff inside (like cheese, apples&cinnamon, whatever you can come up with). These are great to make and serve for the next couple days. We had lunch versions, too, with turkey and cheese or broccoli and cheese.

The number one was NutriGrain bars. My kids LOVED those at that age! I could kiss the person who thought those up. I cut them up in cubes and let them feed themselves. Slice up a banana on the side. That also makes a great sack lunch for a little one if you're on a picnic. Tip, keep them refrigerated and they are less crumbly.

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Flavored instant oatmeal, applesauce, yogurt, cheese, cinnamon and sugar toast slices, peaches with milk, (I still love that) bananas with a little peanut butter.

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DD (14 mo.) loves those Pillsbury toaster breakfast scrambles. Her favorite is the one with egg, ham and cheese. She LOVES them. We also do cereals, toast, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, muffins. We also try and include cut up fruit with her breaksfast too.

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Oatmeal is real easy, and you can add any sort of fruit (I get bags of frozen fruit) or other flavoring to make it different. My nine month old won't eat anything else! Her favorite is blueberries. She only has two teeth, but she won't eat the pureed stuff any more so I mix oatmeal into it.

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Just wanted to say thank you to all you nice people who respnded. I'll definitely try out your suggestions, but so far he seems to dislike everything including cheese and boiled egg!

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Don't have to do just breakfast food for breakfast..What does he like to eat for lunch? Eat that! And this is the age where some kids can be manipulated into eating things if they're cut into cute/different shapes...

Could try yoghurt with pureed fruit...Or those tiny cartoon character ones that are bizzare colors...

Grilled cheese sandwich (cut into tiny squares or long strips)...

And those little baby quiches? Cut em in half and make a pinwheel on the plate (put fruit in the middle and you have a flower!)

SOFT bagel with cream cheese (and the spreads come in different flavors).

Cook up a sausage or a piece of bacon and chop it really fine, then scramble it into an egg. More flavor, might eat it. Serve with tiny triangle pieces of toast.

Melt mozzarella/Jack on an english muffin.

Or cut a whole in a piece of buttered bread (both sides). Put it on a griddle and crack an egg in the middle. Cook and flip it when it's firm on one side. Toast the 'circle' too and place gently on top of the egg. Tell them it's a PEEKABOO egg (it's winking at him).

Sit with him and eat the same things that he's eating. He's also at the stage when kids can be really sensitive about eating different things than you or eating 'alone'. Make yummy noises while you're doing it..They have a tendency to want what you are having...They also can immediately get turned off by a) too much food on a plate and/or b)if the pieces look "big". Sometimes just cutting things up in a different way is more appealing.

Do homemade pancakes with cooked sweetened fruit in them (like cooked apples or berries)..bananas, even a couple of chocolate chips (Hey, I'm not beyond bribery! LOL!)Make em into the shape of Mickey Mouse's head. Get a can of whipped cream and plop a quarter's size blob onto the pancake. (Sometimes that alone can push them over the edge.)

And my almost never fails solution when I'm desparate with a toddler..Freeze some "Goghurts" (that yoghurt in a tube) and tell him that it's ice cream. My dd was four years old until she figured out it wasn't! LOL! SEVEN GRAMS OF PROTEIN honey! ROFL! They think that they're getting a treat and Mommy is humming! And remember that if they ask for another one, the answer is YES! LOL! :)

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Gotta say that smom40's post made me grin....all of your ideas are good.... I'm going to keep these in mind for my DS this summer!


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Wow, there are so many ideas. I think I'll print them out so I can use as a guide when my DD gets there.

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