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TyraFebruary 1, 2002

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ugh! Cole's fussiness the past few days is crazy! He's not wanting to nap longer than 20-30 minutes every couple of hours, and is cranky/tooty the rest of the time (gas drops don't help). Gotta be either the inability to sleep on his back or the addition of cereal to his diet this week (Dr. said he needs the iron/is too pale).

He's now 4 1/2 months old. When we started solids (pureed vegetable) a couple of weeks ago, his poopies decreased, but his mood didn't change too much. Then, about the same time, he started rolling over from tummy to back. He sleeps on his tummy, so he's unhappy/not a good sleeper on his back. Sometimes, he'll stay on his side and sleep a good hour or two.

I'm just wondering if any of you have experiences in this area. . . Please share!

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Hi Tyra & Cole!!

Did you start first with rice cereal? That is what we are doing right now w/ Logan and he loves it. I haven't tried baby food yet, but I wonder if Cole is having an allergy/reaction to the food you are giving him. Logan is the same and will NOT sleep on his back! He has been rolling from back to stomach for quite a while, but in the past few days has started rolling from stomach to back. Once I went in b/c he was screaming during his afternoon nap and he had rolled onto his back and couldn't fall back asleep!

Maybe he is starting to teeth and the pain from his gums is waking him up. Sounds like his fussiness might be b/c he is tired b/c he is not getting enough sleep. That also happened w/ Logan (these two have a lot in common!) and we would apply a little baby orajel and it would many times calm him enough to fall back asleep. Also, sometimes before bed I would give him a small dose of children's Tylenol and that would help him sleep. About 2 weeks ago, Logan started waking up every 1-2 hours throughout the middle of the night, and I had just started back to work part time. I was going crazy! Well, I decided to let him cry himself to sleep after the advice of many other mommies and literally after 2 days he was sleeping soooo much better! I used to have to rock him to sleep standing up before every nap and at bedtime, sometimes taking up to an hour. It was so tiring. Now, he goes to bed about 8pm and I just put him in his crib after he eats and he looks around and whines for about 10-15 minutes, never really cries, and then he is out for the night. Sometimes he will wake in the middle of the night and stir, and I just let him. I think that he has gotten used to the idea of falling asleep on his own and it has made mommy, daddy and baby all much happier!

Sorry if I got off on another subject, but I just wanted to let you know of my experiences since our babies are so close(I mean exact!) in age.

Good luck, keep us posted!


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You may want to try a different kind of cereal like the baby oatmeal. It should have the same amount of iron, but it will keep him more regular. He may be having some tummy troubles from the rice cereal.

As far as him rolling onto his back and then not being able to sleep, our DD kinda went through that too, only it was the opposite for her. She would roll onto her tummy and then get mad. Anyway, it did affect her sleep for a week or two until she kinda got used to the feeling of being where she did not want to be.

If he is really cranky too, I would definitely check for teeth coming in. He is prime age for them to start popping in. If you can see anything you may want to try some Tylenol. That really helped our DD rest and just not be such a crab when her teeth were bothering her.

Hang in there. Keep us posted if anything new comes up or you figure out the mystery fussiness. ;-)

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Thanks guys! You have given me some great clues. I think his fussiness was due to many factors, including: tummy adjustment to the rice ceral (I think he does better with oatmeal), inability to sleep well on his back, teething (drooling and chewing a lot), his 4 mo. shots were this week, and also (mainly, I think) he had some redness/irritation around his wee (we hadn't been cleaning the area where he's been circumcised well enough). :-(

That's great, Andrea. We also have 8pm bedtime, just after a story. I still feed him (nurse) one more time (before I go to bed - around 10pm) and he sleeps until 6am -- sometimes earlier, but he stays in the crib playing/talking/fussing/whatever until 6am. This has helped him to entertain himself so well. Nice to wake up to a cooing rather than crying baby! Still likes to fuss at naptimes, though. Guess he needs to wind down. Does Logan need a nap/get cranky after just a couple hours of waketime, too?

Yes, Karla, I think the rice is not so good on his tummy. Maybe I can use it mixed with fruits/applesauce later on, since I do have a BIG box to use! I sure wish Cole could sleep on his back better. I have been letting him fuss some to get used to the idea. If he's extra tired, he won't even roll over, anyway. I also wish he could sleep better out in public places/other people's homes. I go to playgroups/church meetings/stores where naptime comes and he fights it. Guess he prefers his warm crib with the fan going (white noise - drowns out the neighbors dog). He will sleep in the car, now, and has fallen asleep in his bouncy and during story time, but not without a little fussing. I don't go out too much, I try to plan things during his waketime (is this a bad idea?). Then, days where I can't, his nap schedule is interrupted -- is there a way to get him to 'sleep anywhere'? I've seen other babies do it and I'm in shock!!

Thought I'd include a link for you to see the page I've put together for him.

Here is a link that might be useful: c o l e s p a g e

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I am guessing as his tummy gets more used to regular foods, that you could use that rice cereal at a later date mixed with fruits or something.

When DD was younger I was always planning our outings around her wake times. I too would see babies that could sleep anywhere. (I always *guessed* that most of those babies were not on much of a routine, so sleeping anytime anywhere would not be disturbing to them. Again, just a guess.) Anyway, I think there were two factors that played a role for us. One, DD was very into her routine in that she always knew what to expect. That was a good thing, except when I would be out and instead of her being able to take a nap anywhere, she knew that was not where she was supposed to be to sleep! (LOL) Second, I think age played a part of it. While DD is still very much into her routines, we have found that she is more flexible at this age as far as where she will sleep, etc. So, to make a long story short, I think the big things are to try and keep the rountine for the most part, but also have your DS used to being out and doing things. Sounds like you guys are already making a good start with that. I think the more exposure they have to being somewhere else when it is nap time, they get used to it.

I love Cole's page by the way. Lots of cute pics. He is adorable! (But of course, you already knew that!!) ;-)

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sorry, Tyra...I just attempted to send you a super long post and something happened and it completely erased it. I am too frustrated to re-write it so I will tomorrow. Just know that Cole is so adorable that I just want to 'eat him up' and I am glad to be able to chat w/ you b/c I think we have a lot in common. Where do you live? I am in Arizona. I will make an effort to re-think everything that I have just said in my erased post and post again tomorrow. It is finally great to put a face with the name, you know? Oh, if you want to see Logan, you can click on the site below! After you get to the page, just type in phillips for last name and then his b-day (which you should know...9/12/01!).
Keep in touch!

Here is a link that might be useful: Babies pages!

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