Off-the-wall toys your kids liked / like....

AmericanMom_in_theUKFebruary 4, 2002

DS absolutely LOVES my plastic soup ladle. It's like 15 years old (My Mom gave it to me when I got my first apartment), but he adores that thing and it goes with us to the store, to friends' houses, downtown, etc. (LOL) Some kids have a blankie or a stuffed animal - my son has a soup ladle!! Go figure...

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Santa spent a $fortune$ on a barbie jeep for Christmas.

What's her favorite toy? The silly putty Santa put in her stocking. She has not stopped playing with it yet!

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My ds is seven months old and his favorite toy is paper. I call him my little goat! LOL! Colored paper preferably...favorite is a video box! Second to that is the remote control. Already he holds it and tries to push the buttons while looking at the tv (that I find particularly frightening). As to kitchen utensils, he prefers a potato masher...

My dd is almost five. Her favorite thing is string. She likes to tie things up and has since she was a toddler. Ties stuffed animals and drags them, ties up dolls..Weaves yarn around furniture to make a web...Has been known to tie toys to DH's shoelaces with many little knots (which is particularly annoying when he has to leave for work! LOL!). The weirdest time was when I pulled out the highchair for ds and she had hogtied a Barbie to the chair leg. I keep trying to think of her seeing Tiger Lily in Peter Pan and not try to project what this could mean in adulthood! LOL!

But I do have this ongoing fantasy (that I can't seem to shake) that one day I'm going to come driving down my street..only to see my son hogtied to a tree.

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DH had drill last weekend so I taped the Super Bowl for him. I had the TV on to the game but the sound off. Was busy in the kitchen when I glanced in the TV room and saw my toddler sitting on the couch, his play remote in hand, watching "fuseballll" Just like his dad. Suprised boys aren't BORN with remotes in their hands!

That little guy has always been fascinated with remote controls. Whenever we are visitors at someone's house, I have to first gather the remotes and put them on the TV out-of-reach. Then I can say, "Hello, how are you?" and take my coat off.

We were at an army Christmas party on "family day". All the men were gathered around the big screen watching the big game and there was my son, changing the channel with the remote during key plays of the game.

My son also likes computer keyboards and computer mice. We've given him his own toys: an old remote control w/o batteries, an old keyboard w/o cables, and an old mouse with the cable cut off. click, click, tap, tap...he likes to do what mommy and daddy do.

He's not much for kitchen utensils, except for a spoon or two that he swipes from the dishwasher. Somehow opening the dishwasher door sends a beacon to him that he can respond to 3 states away. I have to admit, tho, I do everything I can to prevent him from playing with my kitchen stuff. I'm afraid he'll take claim of something. Like flashlights, let him play with one one time and now EVERY flashlight in the house is HIS, no getting around it. There's now 27 flashlights in the bottom of his toybox (and severall under his bed) all in various stages of disassemble.

He also likes books. If I can't find the current book on my bedside, I now know to look in his toybox--there it is!

My friend's son loves to ride the empty water bottles like a horse. For Christmas, they bought him a riding horse AND a riding giraffe. He still rides the water bottles--they could have saved their $$$ : )

Fun topic : )

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My Ds turned 3 in Jan. I have a pampered chef rolling pin (it has the rollers on each side) this is my sons skate board!!!!!!

But for an actual toy we got our money out of I must say the little tikes cozy coupe! I believe it was about $35-$40. We bought it for my son when he was one. The kid drives this car everyday!!!!!! He pulls up to the wall and acts like he is at the drive thru at McDonalds! Totally hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!

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I second the cozy coupe. Someone got it for my oldest (who is 8) when he was 1. All 3 boys played with it. In fact, the older 2 love to push their brother around in it. 7 years, 4 different homes and still going strong.


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I have no idea what you call my son's favorite toy. One of those push toys that has a long handle and a plastic bubble with balls in it that pops when he walks? He has had it since just before his first b-day and he is now 2.5. He uses it everyday for at least a few trips around the house. It was the best $10 I ever spent...except it is awfully loud...


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Measuring cups, paper napkins and the remote control for my 6 month old. Also, a little toy from Belgium (I think) called Tommy Toot - he LOVES that thing. My 10 year old thinks the name is really weird!

Her favorite toys as a baby were Tupperware containers, the newspaper, a box of tissues and a jumprope.

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DS also loved his Coupe! It was the best $40 ever spent! If you look around you can also find them at yard sales. MIL bought the older version (the purple one, we have the green one with the sparkles in the paint LOL) for like $1 last year. She also has the older one with the red body and yellow roof.

When DS was pretty young and before the biting everything stage, he played with this frog at MIL's house. It was made of rubber and had sand in it. I guess it was for the garden or something but it was like one of those stress balls. DS would throw it and squeeze it for hours. MIL put it away when he got into biting and she put it up. She just got it down last week and he's afraid of it now! LOL

We also got a lot of time in with the Fisher Price farm and his tricycle (even when he couldn't reach the peddles) and his tent.

Oh, also pots and pans and lids. And MIL would fill the sink with water and soap and make bubbles. Then scoop the bubbles up into a butter bowl and Shane would play for a long time.


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A large cardboard box! I had some furniture delivered and I made the box into a little house. I cut out 2 side windows and a door that could close. I put a rug, a small chair and a few of his favorite toys inside. I covered it with a throw. I made it when my son was about 2 and he kept it for about a year or two. I did it when he was asleep, put it in his room so that I could surprise him in the morning. I had the camera set up and when he sat up he just stared at it for a minute. To my surprise: He jumped up and said "Oh sh@+ !" I had to rewind the tape a few times to make sure that was what he said. LOL

It was once used as the main attraction at a western themed party he had on his 3rd birthday. We turned it into a jailhouse and posted wanted signs of the kids. All of the kids loved it!! He is now 7 and still asks me about that house. He still loves to play with boxes - I just have not been able to get one that size. And with all of his other stuff, the is just not enough room!

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My DS likes shovel rides!! FIL gets out the big plastic snow shovel, puts the baby on it, and pulls him around in the grass!!

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My grandson has a piece of the curly phone cord he just loves. He kept pulling the ones on the phone, so I got a short cord I had taken off when I replaced with a longer one. I just cut the hard plastic off both ends and made sure none of the inside wires were sticking out that could hurt him. As it is not child approved, I always supervise when he plays with it just in case.

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Bisquick pancake containers. I bought a few of them, and kept them in the kitchen on an empty kitty litter bucket (that's where I keep plastic shopping bags). When my 18mo dd started walking at 11mo, she noticed these. She picks them up and puts them on the lower step going upstairs (yes, there is a gate there, but she has access to the lower step). She'll go back until she has them all, and keeps rearranging them. When she's done, she'll actually put them back (well, sometimes anyway).
I honestly have to say that besides balls, these containers are her favorite play-things!

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My nephew who is 15 months absolutely loves the dog's brush?? Why, who knows? It was kept in a big basket under a table and he always went straight for it. He also has a "fake" remote (an old remote without batteries) It's funny to see him hold it and then look at the TV.

When I was a kid I remember a container that my blocks came in. It had a metal bottom to it, so when flipped upside down made a lovely drum! Bet mom LOVED that one!

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