I'm SOOOOOOOO tired!!!

PatyFebruary 3, 2002

DD is 3 months old and I'm still incredibly exhausted. So tired all the time and I can't seem to knock it. I start back to work full time tomorrow and I'm a little nervous about not collapsing! She's still not even close to sleeping through the night and the fact that I only get about 2 3-4 hour blocks of sleep is probably part of the problem but I can't wait to feel good again. I'm too fatigued to do my hair, forget about makeup, and I lounge around on the weekends in my pj's. I've had problems with anemia but I'm taking my iron supplements so I don't think that's the problem. I've been on and off tired since her birth but something's got to be catching up with me because the only thing I have energy to do anymore is sleep.

Anyone else this fatigued???

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Yes. DD is almost 10 weeks. NEVER sleeps--the original Energizer Baby!!!!!!!

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Oh Paty! My DD is almost 4 months old, and I'm sleeping kind of like you... on a good night, mabye two 3 hour stretches. As soon as I start to think, "okay, I'm used to this", something changes and I start to feel tired all over again.

I am sorry that you have to go back to work. It's hard enough being home and sleep-deprived.


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i know how you feel!!!! dd is 12 wks. old and i get 2 3hr. streches also. i'm soooo exhausted today and sometimes i feel like i'm gonna get sick or something because i'm soo tired.
i just reassure myself that it will get better in time.
i do feel for you though considering that you have to go back to work.
i'm a stay at home mommy.

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are you still taking prenatal vitamins, or other vitamins?

how about iron? I just read an article today in Child magazine about new moms and their health. low iron is very common and a big reason for constant fatigue. Not that the sleepless nights isn't enough to explain it. But maybe you should ask your doc to do a blood test to check. It helps me a lot to take iron supplements.

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Have your thyroid checked. I felt extreme fatigue too, so I went to my doc. He discovered my thyroid had gone kaput after my pregnancy. The thyroid meds make a HUGE difference now!

Good luck to you!

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Paty, I'm sorry you're feeling sooo tired! I get 2 3-4 hours of sleep a nite too, but somehow I am ok with it. It's super weird, but my body has adjusted alright to it. I'm trying to think if I do anything *special*...I'd say take everyone elses advice, check the iron thing and the thyroid thing...
Perhaps it's also a mental relaxation. Do you do yoga or any meditation? I practice yoga everyday and it's very spiritually cleansing and relaxing. Even 15 minutes a day. Also drink lots of water...perhaps you are already taking great care of your body, but if not it will make you feel better and less tired.

Email me and let me know how you are doing!!! Good luck at work, you'll be just fine!! It'll be an adjustment for sure... I go back in 2 months!

love, jami

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Join the club! I have a six month old and a five year old. I have been tired for the past five years. : ) Motherhood is truly the toughest job and combining that with work is extra hard. I feel for you. Try to get rest whenever you can (easier said than done) and take a multi-vitamin everyday (preferably one for women). You will notice a big difference. I still take my pre-natal vitamins and if I miss a day I can immediately tell the next morning. I get more sluggish. Also, try to take a relaxing bubble bath at least once a week. That works wonders, too.

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I am right there with you..Kaitlyn has been having colic and when she goes to sleep at midnight and I am up at 5am I am a walking zombie. I know it does get better because my 2 year old did it too but the difference there is I wasn't working and when slept I slept and now even if I was at home I wouldn't be able to nap because he sleeps 12-13 hours at night and that is more than enough for a 2 year old. Sending you baby sleepy vibes.
Mom to Michael 2 and Kaitlyn 3 1/2 months (one month corrected age)

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I wonder if you're getting enough iron. I know I felt the same way for the 1st 8 wks & it turned out that I wasn't taking enough iron b/c it caused me to become constipated. My Dr. prescribed a "special" iron supp that doesn't cause constipationg (it's by prescription) & literally within 2 days I was feeling soooo much better. The generic name for it is conison. Ask your Dr. Of course broken sleep if you never get into REM is certainly reason enough to feel that way. My daughter slept 5 hrs from about 3 wks & quickly jumped to 7hrs & from about 3 mos on she sleeps 10-12 hrs at night straight through plus I haven't gone back to work yet, so I can sleep later in the morning, but I feel for you.

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