Need the right red for my dining room.

BeccaK73July 18, 2011

My living room which runs into the dining room is in BM Brookline Beige and I'm looking for the right red for the dining room. I've tried BM Brick Red but I think it's too brownish. It will only be for chair rail up & below that will be white frame panels....and I'm not afraid of the color red. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Found this listing which might be helpful (there are a few reds listed here). Also post your question on the Home Decorating Forum for more responses.

Top Selling Dining Room Colors
Rank Color Number Color Name
1 2084-20 Benjamin Moore Maple Leaf Red
2 HC-35 Benjamin Moore Powell Buff
3 2085-20 Benjamin Moore Pottery Red
4 2143-40 Benjamin Moore Camouflage
5 2080-20 Benjamin Moore Confederate Red
6 2142-40 Benjamin Moore Dry Sage
7 HC-45 Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige
8 2080-10 Benjamin Moore Raspberry Truffle
9 HC-114 Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage
10 HC-12 Benjamin Moore Concord Ivory
11 HC-61 Benjamin Moore New London Burgundy
12 HC-115 Benjamin Moore Georgian Green
13 HC-44 Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan
14 HC-9 Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff
15 1073 Benjamin Moore Malton
16 2083-10 Benjamin Moore Raisin Torte
17 2160-50 Benjamin Moore Oklahoma Wheat
18 HC-38 Benjamin Moore Decatur Buff
19 HC-98 Benjamin Moore Providence Olive

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I like light brown color and it is the best for not showing dirt. Light color shows the dirt too quickly. So I use dark color floor in my bedroom. I think red color is not bed color for dining. Thanks randita for giving some color sample..

Here is a link that might be useful: Toronto Home Renovations, Toronto House Renovations

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The main color of my house is a tanish/beige, its called Windsor Castle, a Behr color. Anyway, my dining room is painted in Huntingcoat Red which is a color by Ralph Lauren. I also have the white chair rail in my dining room. I love the color and red is a very good color for a dining room because it enhances the appetite!! Anyway, I would not use Ralph Lauren paint, you can color match it if you like it. I love it!

Good Luck

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I vote for BM Raspberry Truffle...nice deep red. Don't know anything about undertones and whatnot, just know that it looks great. Lots of pictures of it online too.

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Ralph Lauren Dressage Red
BM Moroccan Red
both are true reds.

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Last Summer, used Ralph Lauren Hunting Red on my son's room and it came out really well. We put it into the Devine paint also sold at our store.

I am linking the thread on reds as the prep advice I received was important:

Here is a link that might be useful: Painting a Teen Boy's Room Red

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