Desperately need Enfamil coupons

sherry3388February 25, 2008

I have a friend who just had a baby 2 weeks week ago (an adorable girl!)...

She just stopped breastfeeding due to the baby not being able to "latch on" well.

She lives on a fixed income and has a 9 yr old daughter as well.

She has started the process of applying for W.I.C. and I just signed her up (today) on the Enfamil website.

But, from what she understands, W.I.C. will allow only a certain amount of cans of formula for the month and she will need to buy additional cans on her own.

She has asked me to try to get her some coupons for the Enfamil with Lipil.

I bought her a can of the powdered on Saturday - but - it was $13.69 for ONE can.

If anyone has any of these coupons that they will not be using, please let me know.

I can pay postage and can return the favor by sending you some grocery coupons in exchange (as I am an avid couponer and have many coupons....just none for baby formula).

Thank you in advance for ANY help.

Huggzz ~



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Sorry, no coupons here. Your friend needs to ask her ob and pediatrician if they have any formula samples. Most do.

Check out the store brand formulas. They are cheaper than name brand. The formula industry is highly regulated so there shouldn't be much difference between formulas. Also, a lot of formulas are made by the same manufacturer, but sold under different labels. Your friend can discuss this with the pediatrician if she is uncomfortable with just switching brands.

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If breastfeeding is important to your friend, I would tell her to not give up. It took me 6 weeks to get my baby to latch on properly. I had to supplement with pumping milk and bottle feeding it to him, but he is OK now. He was a preemie and was started on formula and pacifiers in the NICU without my permission.

Even if the baby can't latch on, she can pump the milk from her breasts and bottle feed. You can get a manual pump for about $30. WIC will even pay to rent a hospital grade pump.

Their is no substitution for breast milk. Formula is basically life support to keep a baby alive until they can eat solid food. Read the ingredients... you can't say most of them. That is not food. But, then again, I don't eat stuff I can't pronounce (unless it is ethnic food made with ingredients I can pronounce). Most people don't think about food and what it really is and don't mind giving their babies formula. Of course this is a personal choice, but if the desire is there to breast feed a baby, it will work out for them eventually. I had 6 weeks of very frustrating times, but my baby gets real food only nature can create.

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Oh... I meant to mention that your friend may want ot contact La Leche League. They are a non-profit that helps women breast feed their babies. They help for free and will provide all the help and support needed. There are chapters all over the place, even in small towns. They are happy to provide hands-on assistance. You can look at their website:

I would have given up if it was not for the support of people around me. Not only did I have problems with latch on, but he was started on a bottle first in the NICU and I have had 2 breast reductions, giving me supply issues. It was hard, but now he eats like a champ.

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I am on wic for the kids and I know here that they always ask if you have enough formula to get through the month. I just found out I am pregnant and have had to wean my 7 month old so they are sending me more checks for formula. I am pretty sure that they will give her more than enough formula, if it isn't after the first month they will give more for the rest of the month. They want to make sure that the babies have enough formula.

As far as breastfeeding she may try breast shield or try pumping. Also call up to the local hospital and most times they have either a lactation specialist or a nurse that is good at getting babies to breastfeed.


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Just a note to let you know that if you have or know anyone who has a costco card, go there to get your formula. the kirkland brand is made by Enfamil and only costs 19.99 for 2 large cans! recommended by my doc, same thing for half the price.


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I have a few enfamil coupons. Does anyone have Gerber Goodstart coupons/checks for trade?

I have 2 $4 enfamil coupons expire 4/30/11
& 1 $13.85 coupon expires 4/25/11

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