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AspenEFebruary 8, 2002

I know some of you saved points from Pampers to receive free toys, as I did also. I was just wondering if they are going to start up again with new toys or is it over? (I know this last one ended Jan 31) Have they done them in the past, or was this just a 1-1/1/2 year long promotion for their diapers. I hope that they do it again. Such a neat idea. I looked at the Huggies website and it looks like their contest ends next month...too late to start buying Huggies and saving their points (DS fits well into almost any brand of diaper)


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The Pampers site says that while they can't guarantee that they will start up the program again, they advise it would be a good idea to still collect points in case they decide to re-start it or another program. Whatever that means?!?!

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That means they want you to keep buying Pampers, even if the points are worthless. I sent in my points for a jeep a couple of months ago. After about a month I hadn't heard anything from them (I was expecting to get a letter say it was back ordered). I sent them an e-mail asking them to confirm that my order is being processed. They never answered me and I still haven't heard anything from them. When you guys placed your orders did you receive confirmation?

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I sent in my points end of November. I ordered three things, the Jeep, a set of books, and a Little People toy set. I got the book a couple of weeks ago and there was a packing list that said the Jeep is backordered until July!! So if you sent yours in around the same time as me, it is probably the same deal. I think the only reason I received any sort of confirmation was because one of my items was shipped to me. I think they are not very organized and were not prepared for the volume of orders they received. My sister sent in her points back in September and she got a confirmation before she received any of her stuff, and they gave her the option to pick something else if she did not want to wait that long for any of the items. She ordered some books and the Jeep. She got the books first and then she eventually did receive the Jeep.

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I sent mine in in November, I've heard nothing! We ordered the Jeep. No way am I going to continue buying their products when they can't even keep up with promotions they offer. (Just like Bensmom said, they want you to keep buying their products) Anyone in their right mind would know that when you offer something like that you'll get a huge response! Come on, anyways, I'm still waiting for my Jeep, at least by July Johnny will be 1....Well, anyways, they are part of Procter and Gamble, the makers of Tide and just about everything other product out there. I don't think they're hurting..Besides, after all this I have enough pampers to last till he's 1!

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I sent in an order for the Jeep back in October and just got a confirmation of the order in January, saying that it was backordered until July. I then sent in for 2 additional toys in January and have not heard anything yet. I am a little disappointed in how long it has taken to get a response from them, although I do like their diapers. I can't believe that they told someone to keep saving the points (from above post). That's a little strange...

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