Please help me paint my new modern house

kim545July 29, 2012

We are building a modern style house and I need help deciding on paint colors. I will say that we like natural, neutral colors. I know that sounds really boring, but we currently have a golden yellow house, and had a canary yellow house in the past. Now we want something nice and neutral that allows the stone, architecture and landscape to shine.

Here is the front of the house. Stone will go on the 2-story wall marked, as well as the column to the right of the door.

This is the stone. It has hints of gray, taupe, beige, bronze and green.

Here is a pic of the back of the house. The 4 columns on the patio will also have the stone.

I'm leaning towards a light/medium base color (it's Florida - and it's HOT), a medium/dark accenting color (maybe on the 2nd story), and a dark trim. Problem is the colors I like tend to turn on me next to the stone.

Planning to stain the front doors walnut and paint the glass trim to match on the doors.

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Lovely house ... very Prairie School and serene.

Given the colors in the stone, how about two shades of grey or grey-brown taken from the stone. One on the prominent banding, one on the rest of the walls.

If they are pale grey and a slightly darker grey you would enhance the horizontals subtly, and have the pillar of yellow and grey stone standing out.

Using the paler color on the walls would make them move forward, using the darker color would make them look set deeper and look more shadowed.

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