Scuff sanding

davisgardJuly 12, 2011

Do you scuff sand everything except a flat paint? Including trim, walls, and ceiling? My walls have a knock down texture, but I'm assuming the scuff sanding is gentle enough not to affect the texturing.

I don't remember ever seeing a professional painter scuff sand, but I'm assuming it's a good idea for sheen paints, including between coats.

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It SHOULD be mandatory for painting over a Semi-gloss wall!!

Sanding a Satin wall is optional.

Washing a wall is more important IMO!!

* If it's a more moderate knock-down, sanding can smooth-off any hideous sharp edges.
* Also, even if you have orange-peel, sanding can knock-off any bigger clumps, etc.
* Sanding BETWEEN coats?!?! Rarely, unless your wall is smooth;'re doing "eye-critical" work like trims, cabinets, doors, etc.


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