Anyone has experience with Transatlantic Flights?

iRonFebruary 26, 2002


We are planning to fly in May with our 11 months son. It will be a 13 hours (one way, non-stop) flight, and I was wondering if anyone can share their planning, experience, conclusions, advice and in general how they prepared.



Here is a link that might be useful: The new traveler

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Just from observation, i would say have lots of small toys for the baby to play with! There is nothing worse than a bored infant on a transatlantic flight. Maybe bring a pacifier in case his ears get plugged. My MIL first took my husband overseas to the Netherlands when he was several weeks old, so it can be done! On our trip overseas last summer there was a lovely baby sitting next to us who just smiled and smiled...and rarely slept! So be prepared for baby's time clock to get out of whack.

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I think Phyllis has the key - make sure you're prepared with all sorts of toys/books and and a variety of snacks and drinks to help the trip go by. It's often helpful if you can buy a few NEW toys to bring with, as baby's current toys can sometimes get boring faster than something new and exciting.

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